beautiful orchrad/alfalfa hay for sale in ocala.fl.

i just bought 27 tons of really nice hay, i have two different mixes.
one is an orchard/alfalfa lite mix with it being 75% orchard grass and 25% alfalfa.bales are 60 pounds and am selling this for 400.00 a ton or 15.00 a bale.
the second trailer is a orchard/alfalfa heavy mix. it is 75% alfalfa 25% orchard grass. this is 435.00 a ton or 17.00 a bale and these are smaller bales at 50 pounds a piece.
really nice quality hay from up north. pick up only.

i just got in 19 tons of fresh cut beautiful orchard/alfalfa hay. 60% orchars 40% alfalfa. 75 pound bales. smells really sweet, really pretty hay 405.00 a ton or 14.00 a bale. pick up only.

sure wish you were closer:yes:

Nice hay my mares love it!

awesome, so glad they like it, i walk by the trailer all the time and it smells so good, even with the doors sealed :slight_smile:

Do you still have any of this hay available? I am located in middle Georgia and I really don’t want to travel that far for hay, but my 26 year old love horse had colic surgery this past winter, and I would really like to try him on this hay this coming winter.

Thank you!

yea, i have plenty, bring a trailer and get a load. it really is nice hay.i will help you load.

still have beautiful hay

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