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Becca Hart earns USA its FIRST para-dressage medal!!!!

So much love for Becca Hart and Team USA today! Becca and Rowan O’Reily’s El Corona Texel just earned the USA its very first medal in para-dressage. Becca has been a staple of the US team for years now and has earned many 4th- and 5th-place finishes at international championships. She kept plugging away, training diligently, getting better and putting together an amazing team … and working her butt off at Starbucks to earn her keep. This woman is an amazing rider and a lovely human being and I am just so, so thrilled for her and the team. May this be the first of many medals to come for our hard-working and under-publicized American para-dressage riders.

Woohoo!! Excellent job. :smiley:

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That’s awesome. I wish her continued success. What an inspiration!

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So awesome! I met her a couple years ago & she was so incredibly kind; she seemed like just the coolest person to have representing the team. At the time she was between horses, and it’s great to see that this new horse is working out so well!

That’s awesome!!

Major congratulations!!

Excellent! I’ve been enjoying the coverage of our para riders and I’d love to be seeing more.


And a bronze in the Grade 1 for the US rider with a 6-yr-old horse!

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And a silver for Becca Hart in the Grade III Freestyle.


Well done, all!