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Becoming an Equine Chiropractor or acupunturist

I have been curious lately about becoming an Equine Chiropractor. I have been working the 40 hour/week unsatisfying desk job for two years now and I just feel like I’m wasting my life doing something I don’t love. I’ve been thinking of what careers with horses I could do other than owning a boarding facility or being a vet. Chiropractor and acupunturist came to mind. Have anyone of you gone this path or known someone who have done it? How difficult was the schooling?

I currently have a BS in Environmental Science and have a strong science background. I’ve worked with horses for 15+ years and including doing horse trials and hunter/jumper shows. I know I should be happy I even have a good job, but I just can’t help to think everyday what could make my life more fulfilling. Has anyone taken this leap?

At least here in Maryland you must be a DVM. I personally wouldn’t hire someone that wasn’t a DVM. You could go to vet school then specialize.

The animal chiropractic course is open to DVMs and DCs, so you’d need to go either to chiropractic aschool or veterinary school first.

As for veterinary acupuncture courses, they’re open to DVMs only.

My mother is a (human) accupunturist. As far as I am aware, you still have to be a DVM in order to practice on horses. As per the accu. shool, though, I’d be happy to pass her info along to you if you would like to ask her any questions.

As already stated, there are no reputable training programs for non-DVMs in these two modalities. Better options for you to consider might be acuPRESSURE and/or massage therapy.

If you do “make the leap,” as you say, you want to get the best education possible. Look for schools modeled on the human schools for these complementary therapies. They will be more costly and take more time, but you will get a true education that prepares you to be a competent professional.

You also want to consider that many states are moving to adopt certification requirements for animal massage therapists (as for human therapists). So far, most are adopting a voluntary NBCAAM exam that has been in place for several years; there are several decent schools around the country that will prepare you to take your “boards” as well as to practice competently.

Feel free to PM me if you’d like to “chat” more; I work in several types of massage, acupressure, Reiki and photonic therapy.