Before I fly off the handle… usdf charging members for scores?

So I just was looking to check scores on USDF site to show a client and evidently when I put my number in it takes me to a place charging 20$ to see my own scores?

Please tell me this is a complete lack of my computer skills!?

I mean what does USDF actually DO… besides collect money. Literally I had to pay for all my “awards” over the years and now they won’t even let members view scores without costs…??

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Nope…go to and enter the required info. No charge.

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It should only charge non-members. If you are a current member, you have to have a log-in, then you get to see anybody’s scores for free.

The log in link is the blue link in the red box where it talks about the fee. Kind of hard to see. The log-in used to be more obvious before they changed the site a few months ago.


This is a pretty annoying g UI that it doesn’t first ask if you want to login. I run into it all the time since it seems they also don’t store cookies to remember I just logged in yesterday. So yeah just make sure you log in first, then run your search.

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I have found that sometimes you need to log in again. You should not have to pay for this, but the website is not up to the snuff that most of us are used to in our corporate jobs…

Yes I had to log in a second time to gain access… which is ridiculous but whatever…

The website is horrible for my computer challenged self! Thanks for all the help everyone.