Beginner Child Lessons (West of Houston, TX)

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for lessons for an 8 year old horse crazy girl? She is a complete beginner and I’d like to find a friendly, educational teacher for her to learn to ride and learn horsemanship skills. At this point, the instructor is more important than Western or English style; I would prefer either private or semi-private lessons, not a big group lesson format until she’s proficient.

We live close to Katy, TX and I’d prefer to stick on the west side of Houston but we can travel for a great teacher. Thank you!

Heidi Ziemer is wonderful and has a lovely farm and schoolies: When I was there she did not do large group lessons. It’s south of Houston though so it may be a little far for you, but even if it is too far for regular lessons, you might consider the summer camp. I used to board there and the kids always seemed to be having a really good time.

Thanks for the recommendation. We would be all over that if it were closer. Unfortunately, it’s almost an hour away with no traffic. Houston is just too big!