Beholder's War Front Filly 2020 Foals

Probably not worthy of it’s own thread but didn’t know where else to put it.
The “look of eagles” from such a young one.

Who doesn’t want a foal thread? I’m always happy to look. :slight_smile:


Another picture of Beholder’s filly (slightly older :slight_smile: ) She’s a beauty.…ource=ig_embed

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From what I’ve seen/read, it looks like the fillies have a lead on the colts.

Justify’s first foal/filly:

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Just had a rather long post, with links to some of the reported foals.
When I clicked to post it, “unapproved” popped up.
Ive never had that happen before, anyone know what might have caused it?

not retyping the post, that’s for sure…lmao

Winner of the Cutest Foal in a Blanket award:


Sometimes the links trigger that “unapproved” response. And then sometimes those unapproved posts show up later.


The only way I’ve gotten around it is to post without the link first, then immediately edit the post to add the link.

Definitely the winner. I can’t imagine a better one. Sweet. yet so dignified! :smiley:

Is it an advert, or do you know Sire and Dam?

It’s not an ad. The foal is one of Three Chimneys’ first arrivals. But I’m not on Instagram, so I don’t know the parents.

It sure is a cutie. :slight_smile:

All Three Chimneys said was that the mare was Coral Way - no sire info.

Thanks. I’ll remember that for next time.

Thanks @Kimstar .

Not This Time


(We all do know how to look that up, right? If not, happy to post a how to)


Hey @mommy peanut, your post with all the links showed up. :yes:

That’s kind of funny LOL.

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Free Drop Billy’s first foal is a filly 💗

I just love looking at pictures of all these adorable foals.

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Songbird’s filly by Tapit

This spunky little girl was born out of Dream Of Summer by Uncle Mo on 1/25 at 12:20am. Our biggest baby yet standing at 10.2 hands tall and weighing 139 pounds! Swipe to check out her & momma talking race strategies!