Bell Boots

I need to buy my mare some new bell boots as she has a tendency to pull her front shoes with overreaching hind feet, AND she now has fancy suspensory shoes on her hinds that are awesome, but they can only be shaped so much, and there’s a bit of excess shoe on the medial side of her feet. So I’m worried about those coming off, too.

I cannot seem to find bell boots that are tall enough to really hit the ground, however. I have both the Arma fleece-topped boots in the X-full size and the Davis bell boots in a large.

She is a 16.3 WB. One front is a bit upright, the rest are all normal.

I need fleece-topped ones for her front feet. Hinds do not need fleece. Any recommendations?

I, along with some of my barn friends, have become fans of the Horze brand bell boot. It’s thick but soft neoprene, so I’m not sure if you horse will still need fluffy tops on them. They are the longest, reaching to the ground, that I have found. The velcro is good quality, too. I just get mine off Amazon. My stout Paint, who has rather big feet, wears a Large.

Walsh bell boots are fairly tall.

We had one that desperately needed to keep shoes on for which bell boots didn’t work. We wound up getting those boots that fit over the heel that saddlebreds and harness horses wear. I don’t remember the name of that style boot, but tack shops that carry harness stuff could help. I also don’t know if they would protect the medial side of the foot enough.

@NaturallyHappy are you talking about these grab boots?

Or something that gives more coverage like these overreach boots?

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I thought she maybe meant quarter boots?

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We tried the Jack’s boots…yhey were VERY difficult to put on for us….arthritic hands. They worked, though. We found something similar to Jacks with a leather strap that buckled. Those overreach boots look great.

I think that’s right-quarter boots.

The best would be pull on bell boots, anything that velcro’s is not worth the money. Pull ons and a size up have made a huge difference.

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This is what I have always used too, so I will actually second this suggestion.

Although not fleece, I have found KL Select pull ons in gum color to be the best option for my 24/7 bell boot wearer. I too struggled to find ones that were tall enough and these were the winner. I also have not noticed any rubbing and mine have worn this brand for years.

I tried the KL Selects on her fronts before and they rubbed her heel bulbs raw in about 2 days. But, they were excruciatingly difficult to put on, so maybe I should go up a size and try again. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what size I tried before. And I had to cut them off of her so I didn’t keep them.

It seems like sizing may have been an issue. I have also found the gum colored to be softer on their feet and easier to pull on.

I have them for my 15.1 big-footed Morgan. I get him XL!

Velcro boots didnt last as he thought they were a great toy. :roll_eyes: