Bellissimo Announces 'Wellington 3.0' Initiative To Transform Welllington

What do we think about this…?

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Looks like it’s going to be another fight among the billionaires. This time instead of Bellisimo vs Jacobs, now its going to be Bellisimo and Helgstrand’s group in Wellington vs Roberts in Ocala.

I saw on Dressage-News the plans for the residential development that will replace Global, and it doesn’t look like you can park anywhere near where you live if you live in one of the multifamily units. How do you bring in groceries when it rains if you have to park around the corner? And if it’s supposed to be golf-cart in and out to the showgrounds, where do the golf carts park? Needs a little more explanation.

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isn’t that the duty of the butler?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Either I was blind or there were no dressage arenas on those plans for Global? Is Helgstrand putting dressage over at WEF? I am so confused. And all the extra traffic, yikes!

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Yes. Dressage will move to the WEF grounds (formerly Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, now called Wellington International), and the Global grounds will be purely residential.

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I visited Wellington once – and was dazzled with the size of the place and all the vendors.

However, I can say that what Bellissimo did to the Colorado Horse Park was a travesty in my opinion. Flattened all the arenas, even the Grand Prix field, then put in footing that would work fine in Florida with adequate moisture and humidity, but not in Colorado.

I showed there only once after the remodel and would not go back. I guess the venture failed and I don’t know what’s happened since.


I’m doubtful any approvals will come through. Plus where in the world is there room to expand at the PBIEC facility? It’s already jam packed. Don’t talk to me about getting a parking spot on a Sunday or even a place to leave your dirt bike at the ring.

However, I would be sad to see the global grounds go! While I haven’t shown dressage during season over there the hunter jumper shows in the summer are so nice. Good stabling, nice rings, love the indoor!

The dressage shows are much quieter over there. Why add them to the hub hub of WEF grounds and eliminate the trailer in option that’s so easy there?

He fought SO HARD to build global.

I’m hopeful politics tie this one up for sure.

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One of the articles said they were buying 100 acres of PBIEC-adjoining land zoned residential and re-zoning it for equestrian. Then the 90-something acres that is now Global will be turned residential as a tradeoff.

I, too hate to see Global go. Have never shown there, but have attended shows and dreamed about showing there, and loved that it was separate. If folded into the zoo that is WEF, no way would I consider showing there. Looks like it would be WEC for me, which cuts down an over 12-hour drive by at least a few hours, and increases the chances of showing in climate-controlled arenas!


Global already buts up against residential - that Coach House development was going over there and the back side of Palm Beach Polo is right there.

If they were going to do new grounds I wish they’d buy the now defunct golf courses on the other side of Palm Beach Polo that the town is constantly litigating over.

It’s gotten progressively harder to trailer in to global - that parking lot is almost always completely full of cars which makes navigating with anything larger than a horse box a PITA - but those golf courses are just sitting there overgrown and the Palm Beach Polo people don’t even want them!

I live nearby (my second home is there) and I don’t really think we need more high dollar residential.


WEC is the best Showgrounds in Florida, hands down. Central location, amazing facility, climate controlled, onsite hotel and campground. Excellent facility in both winter and summer.