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Benefits of Joining PRO Professionalriders.org ??

Now that I have relinquished the Ammy Status (there was no drum roll… ) I am considering joining the PRO and am trying to figure out what the benefits will be. See the link below


If one is part time pro (teaching a few lessons and clinics) I am not sure how it is that beneficial. That is $150 for an Associate Membership.

Wondering if other part time pros have suggestions on support networks etc. I don’t think there are any… but maybe we should have one, something like a listserv or whatever.

One of the biggest benefits for full-time professionals is the insurance, but since you have insurance through your day job…

Another is the opportunity to nominate grooms and owners for awards, also at some shows, PRO can help get tickets for owners and does hotel blocks and stuff like that to help with logistics

They periodically do spotlights on PRO riders which may help with getting business, as may the professional business mentorship services and directory listing on the PRO site.

I know there are some discounts with affilated companies/organizations, but don’t know exactly what they are.