Bermudagrass suggestions for AZ pasture. Tifton 85?

Need suggestions for varieties to consider for planting a new Bermudagrass pasture in the low desert. I’ve just emailed the local County Extension contact but am wondering if anyone here has ideas. The area I’m in has Bermudagrass hay growers so I did ask the CE which varieties they grow.

My biggest reason for posting here is to ask whether anyone grows Tifton 85–which seems to have the best nutritional value and is not as fine as Coastal–“at home” on their small farm? This variety was developed in Georgia and is grown in Texas, so I’m hoping it could handle extreme heat. Is there an online source for the sprigs (it must be vegetatively propagated) that would ship a couple bushels?


Usually sprigs are planted as soon as possible after they are dug so more often sprigs from local sources seem to be preferred. I think they need to be planted within 24 hrs? Cuttings can be older so that might be an option if you need it shipped in. I just read an article about this recently as I considered having sprigs or plugs done in my paddocks.

I was going to ask what county.

Yes, your County Extension agent should be a good resource on what is the best type of turf.

Another idle speculation is to try to find out what type of turf Turf Paradise has planted in their turf course although they don’t race in the summer at Turf Paradise.

What are your plans for winter turf? Bermudagrass is not an ideal cold weather turf. Many overseed with winter rye if turf is wanted 12 months out of the year.

FWIW, I live in Maricopa County and volunteer for the Maricopa County Cooperative Extension as part of their Master Gardener program (although we are urban gardening, not ag, but the turf resources are pretty good… gotta turf all those golf courses you know :smiley: ).

Feel free to PM me if you’d like.