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Best AP Saddles for 2016?

Hey everyone!
So I’m in the market for a new All Purpose saddle, I tried looking up other threads about this but most are 4+ years old… So with it being the new year I figured I’d take advantage of refreshing the search and get your opinions :slight_smile:

My 3 yo warmblood (who has decided he is going to grow into some sort of massive dinosaur) is high withered but slightly bum high right now as he is still growing. He doesn’t fit my beloved Stubben saddle, as the gullet width is too narrow and it pinches him… so i am going to trade it in more another AP saddle that fits.
But I don’t know where to start exactly… there are so many brands that it is overwhelming! The budget (including the trade value) is probably around $1200? What kind of saddle can I get for that where I’m not just paying for the name but a really great saddle that is COMFY for me too?

Thanks in advance y’all!

Can you get a saddle fitter to come out and restuff your Stubben? Stubben saddles are wool flocked so there’s a very good chance your saddle can be made to conform to your horse.

I’ve got a Stubben Daland that I’ve had restuffed/reflocked to fit 3 different horses, a quarter horse, a TB, and a draft cross.

I ride in a new Stubben AP (bought last summer) and can tell you about my experiences and some of their models if you like.

However, people in this forum generally prefer close-contact saddles, and many will try to steer you away from an AP. I would like to hear about why you want an AP before I make any specific recommendations.

Generally, Stubbens are the saddles recommended for wide horses.

Be sure that yours is a wide, 32 and if not, look for one that is and see if it fits, since you like that kind already.

Will see what others have to say, someone may know of a better fit for you.

Also, you might want to check out e-Bay. There are a ton of saddles there, and there are certainly some Stubben’s. I know cause I have one listed there. That’s the one I was referring to that was restuffed several times to fit the TB to the draft cross. If I still had a horse and were still riding it wouldn’t be on e-Bay. :frowning: