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Best Automatic Horse Feeders

Hi All,

Been researching different brands of automatic horse feeders online. Anyone have one? Is there one that you’d recommend? Any to avoid? Primarily I am looking for one that will dispense pellets, and if I LOVE it I may also buy one for hay. I have a fully covered mare motel and I’m in Southern California so cold icy weather isn’t an issue.

Joanne “Beachpony”. :slight_smile:

I have had two Sweeney feeders, each one lasted more than 15 years. The second one is still going strong.

They do not make a horse feeder, so you have to get creative in setting it up. The folks at Sweeney will probably be able to give you some advice on that.

But it’s a real workhorse and should last forever.

I bought my first one in the 70s and like it so much that when I needed another one (in the 90s), I went right back to Sweeney.

Thank you Cindyg. Not sure that would work for my needs though. What I’m looking for would be something I would attach to a 24 x 24 pipe corral (covered). I was thinking something more like this:


There are several manufacturers that have different versions of feeders for pellets or grain. This was one that looked pretty nice.

Beachpony :slight_smile:

I can just tell you, you will LOVE having an automatic feeder.

Mine dispenses 8 times a day, and I love knowing they are getting small, frequent meals all day, every day, rain or shine. It’s so good for them to eat that way!

Post back and let me know if you get one.

I can’t tell you if these are the best - or the worst - I’ve only seen them from afar and in passing but it’s another alternative to look at.


I have the quickfeed. It works well except that mine has to run off of a battery, which needs recharging quite a bit. But it is nice to not have them associate seeing you with feed and then getting into a frenzy. They can also eat while you are eating and then they will be ready to ride after. The box does have to stay out of the weather so I am not sure what your set up is.

Thanks so much for your suggestions! I’ll probably go with the Quickfeed Feeder.

Beachpony :slight_smile:

I have the http://profeeder.com/. I have both the solar powered and regular ones. They are expensive but feed up to 12 times per day with a completely programmable computer. They say they are horse proof but not really. Rat proof for sure. Hold 50lbs of grain or more with the added hopper.

The other feeders mentioned are plastic and cannot be outside. The ProFeeders are completely sealed and can actually be used on an outside paddock fence.

I think triple crown makes one, no personal experience with it though.

If I can butt in–who makes one for hay? My horses are all in stalls, of sorts. Thx.

Thanks weighton and mlb722! :slight_smile: