Best Barn Boots/ Insoles

My old Dublin River boots are finally dying and it is time to get some new boots. I like the River boots but find they aren’t super comfortable to wear for hours on end (walking around at Rolex, long shows days, or when clearing brush or other activities on the farm). I have some Ariat Terrain pull on boots on order, but I have a feeling they will be returned since I’m not super into the cowboy boot look. I am thinking about getting the Ariat Belfords instead but wasn’t sure if something better is out there. I’m looking for mid to full calf height (protection from bitey things), waterproof, pull on (no zippers please) and waterproof. Also, if anyone has any insole suggestions let me hear them! I’m thinking if I combined the thinline insoles with the ATS Ariat footbed I should be good?

I have crappy, flexible feet…that ache if I don’t have good support insoles in my footwear. Best insoles I have found for support are Vivesole, Powerstep Pinnacle, and Superfeet. Vivesoles are the least expensive, the other 2 are pricey, but hold up great. All can be bought online.

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Well I broke down an ordered the Ariat Belford boots as well. Both the Belford and the Terrains should arrive tomorrow, so whichever I like most will stay and the other will go back. I will update here which one I chose for (anyone’s) future reference.

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AH too bad you said you don’t like Western looking boots. I was on the Great Barn Boot Hunt over the last no joke two YEARS because Dublin stopped making the Mid River (with no plans to bring it back, fyi, because I actually reached out and asked). I wasn’t happy with anything. I do however wear Justin boots around the farm when it isn’t dewy or raining, but needed warm + waterproof.

I went thru a LOT.

I went with Twisted X brand pull on work boots. Very comfy, lightly insulated, waterproof. With jeans over them, they look more like a pull on hiker or even a clog. NOT attractive over breeches tho :lol:

I have been using the power step insoles in most of my footwear for 1 1/2 years. It has made a huge difference in how long I can be on my feet and moving. You can get a full length insert, a 1/2 length insert, ones for dress shoes and ones for work boots. I still can’t do uneven terrain for too long or the wants to be a “bunion” big toe starts talking to me, but I’m able to walk 1/4 to the barn, do barn chores, walk around the barn and pastures and walk home the 1/4. Before the inserts, I was taking a UTV to the barn and limping doing chores on level ground.

Stuck with the Belfords and like them a lot. I added the Superfeet pink (women’s) Trailblazer insoles and those made the boots perfect. Very, very comfy and still waterproof. I have doubts that they will last as long as the Dublins though, as they are already showing some wear at the side where the sole and boot meet where the ball of my foot is from walking in them.

Have you thought about looking for Dublin Rivers on eBay? I’m a big fan of Clark Muckers, but they don’t make them anymore. I’ve bought a couple pair from eBay and they’re great - brand new, no wear, and 1/5 - 1/3 the price of new Clarks.