Best Barn Boots?

I have a Question.

I have had 2 pairs of Muck Boot Co. brand rubber boots and without fail they both have worn out within a year or less. The Tack model’s traction totally vanished making them unsafe to wear in mud and on ice especially when dealing with horses, and the Chore model’s uppers are riddled with holes from daily barn work.

Can anyone recommend a good brand or even a different model from Muck Boot Co. that will stand up better to the demands of running a stable?

I am going to the NYS Fair Farm Show tomorrow and am hoping to find something there but any suggestions are helpful…


I stopped buying Muck boots after my second pair in 2 years. They just don’t hold up anymore. I bought a pair of Baffin Snogoose boots and LOVE them!!! Seriously, they are the warmest boots I have ever owned. I’m in Vermont and we have had an insanely cold winter and my feet have been just fine. I add a foot warmer if it’s below zero but otherwise my feet are toasty and comfy. Mine aren’t white, I got red when they were on sale from Zulily for $60!!!

I don’t know what to say. I have had my Muck Boot Arctic Sports for 3 winters, and they are still going strong. I wear them everyday, do barn chores 2x/day. I wear them around town, everywhere. They are definitely the best I’ve found, but I have never used the Tack model.

Maybe you need something with leather uppers, like the LLBean duck boots.

I have had both MuckBoots and others. I have found my Ariat Baker Tall boots (Not riding boots) have by far lasted the longest (5years and going strong) I am in rain, cold, snow, heat, water, mucking, etc… I used them in managing a 43stall Arabian barn and never had a problem

I went and got a pair of hikeing boots, best boots I’ve ever had! They are super comfy for being on my feet all day mucking stalls, warm; have only needed foot warmers once the whole winter, and water proof; snow, slush, puddles, I’ve waded through it all and they kept my feet dry all day.
They are only ankle height so I also got a pair of gaiters, keeps me dry when getting splashed leading horses who don’t pick up their feet.

While not that warm for winter use, I LOVE my LL Bean shoes. I live in them. I am on pair #2 in 15 yrs and they are still going strong. When I used to live where it got really cold I lived in the winter in a pair of lace up Bean boots (thinsilate lined) but I seldom wear them any more here in OK. I just put heavier socks on and ToastyToes liners in my Bean shoes in the winter.

My muck boots have not held up either. The tread has worn completely off and they started cracking causing them to leak. Although I love them for overall comfort, I have been through 2 pairs in the last 4 years and refuse to buy another pair.

Currently, I have had to start wearing my Dublin River Boots for the winter I recently got a pair of Hunter Boots for the warmer weather.

I’ve ditched muck boots entirely. They always fall apart within the year and don’t keep my feet warm in the winter.

I’ve had Dublin (dubarry knock-offs) for the past 5+ years. Gone through 1 pair (my own fault/dog chewed it). They hold up very well. My favorite thing about them is that I can hop on a horse between chores and not have to change anything.

Wow… I am going on three winters with my Muck Chore boots and they are still going strong keeping me warm and dry. DD has a hand-me-down pair that is also still kicking. Interesting some hold up and others don’t…

I love my Bogs boots. My whole family wears Bogs! They are similar in appearance to Muck boots. Mine have held up for two seasons (so far) of very heavy use. I wear them year-round. I do add cleats when it’s super icy as they can be a bit slippery, but they’re waterproof and warm enough for all but the very coldest weather. They’re easy to slip on and off, and I can ride in them too.

Right now I vote for Timberland hikers.
Warm, waterproof & lightweight.
The only things that would make them better are:
*more height - mid-calf would be PERFECT
*slip-on style - with my abnormally-high arches I laced up about 2/3 then knotted & cut the laces so they act like a slip-on

BUT they are still my go-To for the Arctic winter we’ve had this year.

Not only that, but this is my 2nd pair.
I got the 1st deeply discounted at Burlington and when those crapped out on me 3yrs later, I wrote to Burlington, returned the boots and was SENT A BRAND-NEW PAIR FOR FREE! :eek:
Now THAT is Customer Service!

The wear on the first boots was probably due to my non-care, they were starting to crack across the instep. After being worn to do chores 3X daily in all sorts of weather…well, some wear s/b expected, yes?
I am trying to take better care of the freebies: cleaning them (monthly?) and applying leather conditioner (Stubben Hamanol)

Dubarry fan here.

Today it was 28* and i slid them on over my PJ bottoms and we were off to the races. They’re warm, rugged, and I can wear them all day and my feet don’t hurt. I have a pretty decent case of plantar fasciitis, so that’s saying a lot.

this thread makes me sad to learn that my Tack muck boots aren’t going to last forever :frowning: i love them!

My Mudruckers mid-height boots are still going strong after 3 years. Ironically, they’re cheaper than the Muck boots. They are terrible on ice, though.

Just saw this thread as I was again looking for warm, waterproof barn boots - not for riding, but everyday wear and chores. So many companies make them only in whole sizes and I’ve had to double up on socks, etc,. FINALLY this year I found Noble Outfitters Cold Front boots. Come in half sizes and are SO comfortable!! Have only had them for several weeks so I can’t say yet how well they will hold up. However, they are definitely waterproof, and solid so I think I will be greatly pleased with that as well. Sell for around $100. Thought I’d let you all know about them.

Dublin River boots!

They are survivors when it comes to the barn. I have killed many paddock boots/winter boots/rubber boots and the Dublins stay strong!