Best Base Layer Under Breeches

I just looked at the weather for the upcoming weekend and it is going to be COLD!!! What does everyone else use for a base layer underneath their show breeches (white)? I looked at the local sports store and they have under armour, which is great, except most base layers are either black material or multicolored- not so great for under white breeches.

I also checked the smartpak and dover websites, and couldn’t find anything…

I used to wear panty hose but did some research and I guess they don’t do as good a job for insulation as I thought :frowning:


If you wear solid black it shouldn’t be too big of a deal under white breeches, it might make them look a little darker (unless they are wicked see through to begin with). I really love my underarmour base layers and use them all winter rather than wearing winter breeches.

Cuddle Duds!

I like my north face base layer stuff

Reynaud’s sufferer here. Under Armour 4.0 - not 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. It’s incredible! It has a waffle weave interior, with smaller waffles on the lower leg where the boot goes, and is so warm I can’t wear it above about 40 degrees. I actually stopped wearing my winter coat to the barn at all when I got it, and sold my insulated Carhartt bibs, and that’s with my severe circulation problems! It’s a little pricey, but mine still looks new after two winters, and it is so so so worth it.


ETA: Have worn it under white breeches, and plan to this weekend for a show with a low of 6F. It’s not noticeable.

If you don’t have time to order something most walmarts have fleece lined tights that are super warm.

The fleece tights at Walmart are by Cuddle Duds and are really warm. I have a pair in grey.

I also echo the cuddle duds from Walmart. $9 is lovely and they perform just as well if not better than my Smartwool and REI long underwear!!


As a life long skier and mountain climber since I was a kid in the 60s. I have used just about everything that been offered. Starting with the cotton long underwear, heavy, bulky and a very low weight to warmth ratio. Winter clothing has come a long way since I was a kid.

These days I spend far more time in the winters around our farm than on the slopes or mountains.

IMO the best to be had these days is Patagonia’ Capilene tops and bottoms. It comes in three different ‘weights’. The light weight is plenty warm enough for most people. Very thin material and very warm. Worth the price.

North Face, EMS and Under Armour make good products also. But Patagonia is mountain climber tested and gets the thumbs up.

Honestly, I have the Capilene and the Under Armour and much prefer the latter. That stuff is WARM.

If you don’t have time to order something most walmarts have fleece lined tights that are super warm.[/QUOTE]

This! I bought a pair to wear under jeans for a freezing cold event I had to photograph at night and they were amazing, life-changing amazing. I didn’t even really need the jeans.

Reynauds here as well and under armour all the way. I can’t function if I am cold!

I can’t recommend wool enough, old-fashioned though it is: many wool undergarments are lined with cotton or otherwise made non-itchy. They breathe well, they dry well if you sweat, they are warm, and they last. Fleece is fine, but I LOVE wool for winter.

“Synthetics can’t match the odor-fighting properties of wool. Wool naturally fights bacteria, which means you can wear it three or four times before it starts to stink. This is particularly great for multiday hut trips, but less useful if you spend all your time at the resort. Wool also has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetic fabrics and tends to feel softer next to your skin.”

I use merino wool long underwear (top and bottom). I’ve been wearing the these from LLBean for several years now: Heather&productId=1478420

Reynauds sufferer here as well! Under armour, CuddlDuds, and recently I’ve discovered fleece lined leggings from target for like maybe $10 are so comfortable and warm.

Uh oh. No one’s recommending my approach which is to add a few pounds of fat for the winter (and then hope it goes away in the summer!).

Maybe I should try these other recommendations?


Silk. It’s the best and thin. And comes in white.

Try LL Bean or, if they are out-of-stock in white, google. I remember finding another supplier.

Depends what you mean by cold :slight_smile:

I wear merino wool if it’s under 10 Celsius/50 Fahrenheit. It is comfy and not itchy. I don’t know if it still comes in white; the outdoor stores do black, brights, patterns. I would think that a solid colour pair would not show through the white breeches, in that the whole breeches would be the same tint and no one would see.

I have a few pairs of EMS techwick under layers. Light weight, go well under breaches, dont ride up. Love them. I have a ton of techwick products from them.

Depends on how cold you’re talking. I use my LL Bean double layer wool long underwear for 20’s and below. Above that temperature, and they’re too warm for me. I like the Cuddle Duds fleece for 30’s and above.