Best Boots for Barn Chores!?

Looking to buy the woman I ride for barn/muck boots for her birthday. Not for riding, but something she can easily slip on to take horses in and out, muck, do chores, etc. She’s currently in rain boots which scares me because I’m fearful of her getting stepped on. I think she likes them because they are so easy to slip on and off and they are not too heavy to wear in the VA summer months! Any advice is appreciated!

That is so nice of you to be concerned, but when it comes to footwear to work and walk around many hours, I would consider asking her?

How deep is your mud?
I use these, safe enough around horses and great for wet stuff and can move quickly in those, unlike some other such boots that feel clunky, especially with mud on them.
Mine are several years old, the top is pink and lighter soled looking than these:


I know people swear by Muck brand, but I am a Cheapskate Deluxe.
Same for the Bogs I covet for the handholds that help you get into them.

I buy kids boots at TSC (my size 8 fits in Boys 5).
They run around $20, last several years before the insulation gets too worn or ripped to do any good.
They’re lightweight, warm, mostly waterproof < the footbed is a single piece of molded rubber, uppers are heavy nylon, so water-resistant.
I lace them so I can pull on & slip off easily, then tie off & cut the laces.

TSC boots started leaking too fast. I ordered more expensive boots and they’ve lasted two years already. I forgot the manufacturer but they were made in Germany?

i wear Muckboots and the Hoser style. They are shorter than a lot of the styles, yet unless i’m wading across a deep creek they are perfectly tall enough to keep all water and mud out.
I wear them every day, year round. I double sock, so buy a bit larger than my normal boot size.

I go through one pair per year.

Boots are personal, what one person likes another may not. I like Bogs okay, but feel like the sole is slippery. I like my Twisted X work boot because it has a hiker-type sole but it started leaking through a separation between upper and sole after a year and I don’t know if it’s a one-off or expected, but for $140 I don’t know yet if I want to run the risk of getting them again… But they ARE very comfy as well for dry weather.

I had the same problem recently. I ended up getting a pair of DMs Industrial boots with a steel toe. I was destroying any other type of boot quite regularly because they were not up to the job. DMs can be found at reasonable prices on ebay.

I have the short, slip on muck boots and I love them.

I am in and out of the house all day so really want something that’s easy to slip off at the door.

I find them to be amazingly durable. I replaced my last pair when I noticed my feet were cold in them, the soles had worn paper thin and the insulation was crushed flat but they still didn’t leak!

Decades ago I had LLBean boots that came over the ankle but fastened with velcro, not laces. Those were also great.

I have the tall BOGS and really liked them. No slipping on any of the ice or mud in the winter

My mileage has proved otherwise.
Pictured below, L to R, current pair (bought in October), 2018 pair, 2015or16 pair. None leak, all still wearable. I kept the no-longer warm pairs because, like I said: Cheapskate :sunglasses:


I love my Bogs, though they’re not gonna do much for me if I get stepped on.

Hmm… Those are not the same ones our TSC sells. They have the cheap stinky ones that look like children’s rain boots.

I just today replaced my Muck boots for Itasca boots. They fit a little firmer than the Muck boots so not so much slippage of the foot when you walk.

They look and feel promising. My Muck boots gave me 7 years before they bit the dust.

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Oh, I have those too, for warm weather.
1 pair with Dia del Muertes sugar skull designs
1 pair purple Paisley
1 pair with chickens

Alas, I am cursed in that - for some unknown reason - after a yearish, the left boot springs a leak.
Odd, because my right foot has always been larger.
And I have kept all 3 pair… As if I expect them to majikally heal the leaks themselves. :sparkles::8ball::crystal_ball::mage:‍♂
When both duct tape & Shoe Goo have failed.
I live in Hope :smirk:

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I used to get those cheap boys rubber boots, the cameo green ones.
When they sprung a leak, I used “rubber cement”, the stuff that comes with tire repair kits.
That worked to seal the cracks and holes so as to last for a while longer.

May want to try that, if you have not yet.

Shoe Goo is basically rubber cement & lasted not even a week.
Leaks seem to develop near the toe section of the vamp, not the sole.
Odd, as I assume the boots are one-piece molded for the foot & shaft

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I think it depends on the model. I have two current pairs of Bogs, both replacing a third pair that lasted ~ 10 years, and 2 of the 3 models have a very stiff toe. One of them is more like a simple rubber that would, like you said, not do much to protect the toes! I think the heavy duty winter insulated models are built stiffer around the foot than the medium-duty, thin welly-like muck boot (which is also insulated but not as much).

Good to know - mine are the thin kind, I’m in CA so don’t need the serious winter boot option.