Best boots for barn work?

I have a pair of the noble outfitter boots and they don’t fit me well and have seen better days. What’s the best option for boots for barn work? Ideally something that doesn’t make my feet super hot, and are waterproof. Would prefer a mid calf height, must be comfortable enough for long days(6-8 hours of walking).

Has anyone tried these:

Looking to stay around $150. Thanks!

There was another thread on this fairly recently. The person didn’t need to be able to ride in the boots, just do barn work. Someone recommended the Keen Women’s Cincinnati 8" Waterproof Boot. The person bought a pair and was very pleased with them. (At least that’s how I remember it going. :slight_smile: )

Thanks! I’ll look them up as well. I do not need to ride in mine either!

Bogs are nice boots, but they will die (for me, right across the ball of my foot on the top) after a yearish of hard labor.

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I use Muck brand boots and love them.

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@Zenyatta-can you share a link for which ones specifically? I’ve been seriously considering them!

I use these muck boots for everyday except during the summer, I find them too hot for summer:

For super cold days my husband got me these for Xmas so I’ve only used them a dozen or so times… they are amazing warm and your feet would sweat to death in the summer.

I usually wear Ariat slip-ons or their terrain boots in the summer.

Thank you!!

I’ve had good luck with the Mudruckers that you linked. Each pair lasted several years, and the height is good. Last year I got the Noble tall boots that were on sale for only $39 at the time. They fit me well, but here we are just a year later and the rubber on the back of at least one of the ankles is cracked and my socks get wet when I wear them in the snow. I think it might be because they are knee high and more snug, so there is more flexing pressure on the ankle joint than in a looser fitting mid-height boot. I will probably go back to the Mudruckers.


Thanks, just ordered them. :slight_smile:

I have these, now several years old, just wore them today as it was 3F and we had almost a foot of snow last handful of days.
It is still in excellent shape, use it all year around and work great, feet stay warm this weather and not too hot in the summers.
Todays price is over double what I paid. The top color is a very dark pink.
I only use them when very cold or wet outside, but then daily:

I’m a huge fan of the Dublin River boots. They somehow work well for all temperatures. With a slightly thicker sock, they are very warm during cold Canadian winters and with a sweat-wicking sock in the summer, they are not hot and sticky. They are not 100% waterproof but you can spend a fair bit of time in the water before you start to feel the dampness. I don’t hesitate to walk through a shallow creek while wearing them.

Wondering if anyone has some boot recommendations that last in Florida? IDK why but literally all boots I’ve bought in my four years here barely last three months before the sole comes off or the rubber cracks across the toe. I assume it’s the dew and constant dampness?

At this point I’d kill for a pair that lasted the whole year people are complaining about earlier in this thread! :rofl: :sob:

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I’ve had more then one pair of Blundstones that lasted for more than a year of daily wear in Florida (Gainesville area). And when they did wear out, it was always in the same place - in the the leather where the boot bent at my toes when I walk.

Caveat: I bought my first pair in Australia and ordered every subsequent pair from a place in Australia. I have no idea if the Blundstones sold in the US are the same quality.

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I’m on my second pair of Dublin Pinnacles. The first lasted me 8 years before they finally gave up and my feet got soaked from dew. They’re a mid calf, and once broken in (sounds like you’d do that pretty quick) are super comfortable. I did a 10km hike in my old ones once, also waded through water nearly as deep as the boots were high and my feet stayed dry. The laces up the calf allow for a nice adjustable fit. Bonus is you can ride in them if it was ever needed too, I ride in mine very frequently.

Weather wise, I live in a pretty warm part of the world, they’re not too bad in summer. I did take my old ones on an overseas trip and wore them in the snow etc and they were lovely and warm, and I don’t think I had particularly warm socks on.

In the barn I wear Sloggers. You can get them at TS. They are totally a plastic type material. Foot bed comes out and everything is washable. They last forever.

Muck boots, Hoosier style.

I’m going to give another vote for the Mudruckers linked.
They are a bit “clunky” and you can’t ride in them, but for barn work and mud I adore mine. I have the mid-calf ones and they are still going strong after a year and a half. No leaks!