Best brown tall boots?

Looking for a nice pair of brown tall boots. I know ariat makes a cheaper pair but I don’t like the fit of ariats and have also found them to wear very easily. What brand do you like without totally breaking the bank and going custom? Thanks!

I ordered brown boots from Divosa in the Neatherlands. They shipped from the NL to my house in 4 days and even with $45 shipping they were several hundred less than comparable boots.

Look at Petries. I have dress boots from them, but they make several different field boots that come in brown and have a wide variety of stock sizes. I ordered from Ooteman, also in the Netherlands, and it was still much cheaper than any comparable boot in the US. And they are extremely nice boots.

De Niro can make any of their stock boots in stock sizing in brown for no extra cost, even the $400 - $500 Amabile style. You will have to wait for them to be made, but mine only took 6 weeks plus shipping.

I had the Mountain Horse Sovereign boots in brown. The leather wore well, but the zippers on one boot broke several times. I got lots of compliments on them though

I recommend AGAINST the Sovereigns - mine fell apart with what I consider limited riding and extreme babying. I have Ariat V Sports that I beat the hell out of and have lasted more than twice as long (we’re going on 3 years with no wear that I can tell) that I bought USED for $90 on eBay (vs the almost $400 I spent for the Sovereigns to barely get a year of riding out of them). The Sovereigns died via multiple holes in different seams and along the zipper.

Do they have plus sizes (or wide, should I say?)? Could you link?

Switch it to English and look at the boots, they have regular, slim, and wide in most boots.

I once had Treadstone Tuscany’s in brown. I think a little tear just welled up because I loved them and miss them so. No, they didn’t last forever, but good for the price ($3-400 Canadian). That said, they definitely aren’t made anymore (in fact I’m not even sure the standard black still is, which would be a huge loss at that price point). But if you happen to find some on a dusty consignment store shelf or FB marketplace, just do it! Meanwhile I’ll just follow along with this thread dreaming of their successor…

Mountain Horse Sovereigns break down fast. Look cheap very quickly. Look elsewhere

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And I’m a team Sovereigns over here! I’ve had mine about 2 years, are worn 6 days/week and they’ve held up super well and have a beautiful patina. I try to be really good about not wearing them around the barn though - put them on when I put my helmet on and take them off as soon as the horse is untacked, before hosing off and turning out. One thing that’s keeping me with them is that they have the wood heel block and brown sole. Most off the rack brown boots I’ve seen have plain black rubber soles, which drives me up a wall.

I haven’t shown hunters in years, but I’d love a decent pair of tall brown boots. I switch back and forth from riding huntseat and western, and brown is so much more compatible. Right now I’m wearing brown Ariat paddocks and half-chaps and I’m just so done with the hassle. (I guess I’ve gotten lazy in my golden years).