Best Cheap 2-way headset

Driving this week with my Club at the Ntl Drive. :grin:
A senior club member has literal decades of experience, has done weddings, parades, very nice horses. Not fancy animals, but dependable & he’s a truly competent driver…
He’s no Spring :chicken: & his hearing - with hearing aids - is getting worse.
Communicating when we’re driving is getting harder.
He can’t hear things we try telling him when we’re following in our own vehicles, we can’t hear things he calls back to us :hushed:
Brainstorming with another friend, we thought if we could get the cordless headsets clinicians/trainers use he could hear us & vice versa.
Has anyone done this?
Maybe with a gator?
If that’s not allowed in competition, maybe in training?

Any & all thoughts & suggestions welcomed.