Best cushioned stirrup for recovering foot fracture

Looking for best cushioned stirrup for a friend of mine who is just returning to jumping after a layoff for a pretty severe foot fracture. Looking for best shock absorption. Money is no object.

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Obviously, depends on what’s broken. But when I was recovering from a foot fracture, my orthopod said the most important thing is to have a stable stirrup, so there was no torque on the foot. I might have your friend ask whether cushion is advantageous for this injury.

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I’ll add that I have had multiple foot surgeries, with plates and screws in/around my midfoot/ball of foot. During my ‘just back in saddle’ period, I found a wide footbed stirrup was most comfortable, but the key was a wide, comfortable boot with decent, but not overly fluffy socks.

I’m actually working on developing a stirrup pad that helps absorb shock. I have major issues with my feet from hammer toes. Currently I have a gel pad insert for shoes wrapped around my stirrup and it helps

Three stress fractures here. I like wide footbed composite irons.

I really like these: