Best DIY barn aisle flooring

I currently have crushed stone in my barn aisle and it’s fine but I long for something I can sweep (raking with a leaf rake just isn’t the same). What’s the easiest barn flooring to put in by yourself (and on a budget)?
(Keep in mind I am very very moderately skilled with DIY projects. I’ve put in concrete pavers on a patio previously and that’s at the very edge of my skill set).

If its flat and level, you can go wall to wall with rubber mats.


Thanks! It is flat and level - I am just concerned about the weight of rubber mats when moving them by myself.

Its not that bad if you use vice grips. Grip them one on each end as wide as your arms can and then they are easy to drag.

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Good to know @Jealoushe! Thanks!

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If you want to use mats, never worry, you can handle them easily, with the right technique.
Add a light chain or leadrope to one C vise grips in the middle, or two as above.
Whatever you use, use a hay hook on the chain or rope and drag them wherever you want them.
You may also fold them in half with a chain or rope thru the middle and drag them folded wherever you want them.
Or walk them along by folding them over and over and over.

To show how easy it is to move mats, I just redid our old stalls we made many years ago, moved them around, changed their layout.
First took stalls apart, they are portable stalls.
Then repositioned the mats, 50 of them, 4’ x 8’ ones.
First picture, used the pallet point extensions sideways to handle the panels where I could.
Mats there are still not changed and re-leveled, can see where one was dragged out to the right bottom corner.
Second used chains and ropes and vice grips and welding clamps to lift and walk the panels along, from one overhead beam to another, where I could not use the tractor.
Once panels out of the way, mats were re-done.
Third, almost finished, mats and panels now in place, stalls are about 14’ x 14’.

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Agree with rubber mats. If you’re concerned about the weight, they are sold in 3x4 vs 4x6. It’ll be a little more $$ to go with the smaller ones, but they’re half the weight :slight_smile:

You could also do the speciality lightweight mats? They’re foam instead of rubber.

Full size rubber mats aren’t THAT bad to work with, though, as long as you’re reasonably fit. I prefer moving with vice grips, like Jealoushe describes! If your base is level and compact, you’re nearly there :grin:


I’ll offer the $80 solution that involves no change to your flooring. Get a battery-powered leaf blower! They do a great job getting schmutz off your rocked surface without disturbing the rock or requiring a lot of time/effort.


An upgrade from vice grips… EZ Grip Mat Movers. Sooooo much easier to use and hold onto.


Thank you everyone! I’ll look more into mats.