Best figure eight bridle

Looking for a mono crown figure eight bridle without sheepskin, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what brands are best. I currently have a Mondega which I got for $280 (stupid naivety) but the glue is seeping and the padding is beginning to tear. I would prefer padded and anatomical, but nothing over $400 CAD. Needs to last me at least a few years, but i’m not sure if this dream bridle I’m thinking of exists. Also open to suggestions of just good quality tack brands so I can check out what else might be out there.

What’s your question?

Have you found the configuration you want in different brands, and want to know the relative reputation of each brand in order to choose?

Or are you wanting to know what are good brands generally?

I really like Stubben bridles, but have no idea if they make this particular configuration.

Sorry my post is kind of all over the place. I’m looking to know what brands are generally good quality that make figure eight bridles

Can’t you just put a figure 8 noseband on any bridle?

yes, but I am looking for brands that make the headstall as well because my entire bridles falling apart

I would suggest finding the monocrown comfort bridle of your choice and then installing the figure 8 noseband of your choice.

I have never used a monocrown bridle but from COTH discussions it sounds like fit can be important and vary between brands. Things like how much space the ears get, etc.

Many of the major as well as the budget brands are making monocrown bridles now.

The high end saddle companies all make good bridles. There have been many COTH threads on bridle brands. I would say Stubben is very good quality (I have 2 second hand) and not ferociously expensive. The other saddle brands that do bridles include Passier, Antares, Keiffer, etc. People also say good things about Bobbies.

I grew up in the era of very plain hard strapwork that you had to soak in neatsfoot oil for two days before you could ride with it. I am still using 40 year old no name gear that spent a couple decades in storage. That stuff was entry level but it was hard wearing and honestly made.

Coming from that experience, when I returned to riding I was horrified by the current state of low end bridles, which involves layers of cheap leather, glue, and coated leather where the color quickly wears off (like cheap ladies shoes). To me, it isn’t hard to spot quality strap work even at a second hand sale, even if I don’t know the brand logo.

I’m happy not to go back to the stiff as a board entry level tack of my youth, and indeed it no longer exists. So I’m also really happy that the internet fueled secondhand market makes the high end stuff very affordable.

I should add as you are in Canada and mention Mondega: I have never seen any strap goods in Greenhawk that I would want in my tack room.

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I really like my Val du Bois figure eight from Greenhawk. It broke in well and fits quite well.

Not impressed with Val du Bois stuff personally. It’s just another one of Greenhawk’s house brands.


Have you seen Flexible Fit Equestrian? They make customisable monocrown bridles within your price range. I haven’t bought one but it’s fun to play with their bridle builder.

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I’ve purchased numerous bridles from Rebecca at Premier Tack Outlet. My jumper has a Hadfield’s figure 8 that I got for 1/3rd of the price and it came out of the box looking brand new. I think I paid $300 plus shipping for the headstall and rubber reins, fancy stitched and the reins had brand new rubber on them. Highly recommend. She carries all top brands and if you’re looking for something specific she’s very responsive through email.

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My fav non-sheep figure 8 is the Five Star tack line, if you can find any now that they’re out of business. I’ve had weird issues with a Vespucci being goopy and the same glue problem, but that was not a bridle under my care.

Honestly the non-sheep is a weird hunt some times. I’m not familiar with the toppy top brands to know if they have that option. I have some Edgewoods but I keep them as show bridles so the fleece doesn’t get as gross.

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I highly recommend Rebecca and Hadfields although unless you find a deal Hadfields won’t be in your budget… My other favorite figure 8 is Antares, until they switched to the mono crown, but that is just what you want. Antares leather is gorgeous. I can’t remember if it uses sheepskin or not. Edgewood figure 8 is another option if it makes a mono crown, I can’t remember.

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I bought a used Vespucci and it’s quite nice, considering the age and mileage. It fits on the large side, great for my 17h horse, not so much for the petite heads. I like the flaps under the cheek rings, and it has a leather pad under the upper noseband buckle, too. Simple monocrown design, padded but not bulky.

Found this one on Rebecca’s site. Granted… no reins, but I’m sure those will be easier to find. I personally haven’t owned a Devoucoux bridle, so I can’t vouch for the quality- but perhaps BAC can.

It’s not a true “mono crown” but has the noseband strap running above the crown piece and on of those ergonomically designed crowns. No sheepskin on the button though!

I don’t have experience with Devoucoux bridles but the quality of their saddles, at least the older ones, is quite nice. I actually prefer that style with the cavesson strap running over the crown, then you don’t have to worry about uneven stretching. Be sure to get measurements from Rebecca before you buy, she will not refund your money although she will try to work out an exchange so you want to be sure it will fit. You could ask her if she has any reins that will match the bridle, doesn’t necessarily have to be Devoucoux.

Same here. I have two Vespuccis and really like them both, good quality leather and looks great on my guy’s face.

I don’t own one, but I have been eyeing the Shockemohle bridles. I have seen a few in person and am really impressed with the quality. Sprucewood Tack has the figure eights and they look really nice.

I don’t care for Vespucci, it looks pretty but I hear of too many that stretched badly.

I have a Nunn-Finer figure 8 that is just lovely. The leather is butter soft and for a used piece of tack, still in excellent condition. It’s not a mono-crown but the nosepiece is interchangeable, it comes with a neoprene piece and the sheepskin. I haven’t used the sheepskin so it sits in its little bag all alone.

Ive had my eye on the Antares Origin figure 8 for a while :slight_smile: Also have always liked the Vespuccis but yes they can stretch. Keep an eye out for a Trinity Tack figure 8 - nice, sheepskin-less figure 8 on a budget.