Best fly sheets

I just wanted to put a post on here about fly sheets. I have owned MANY and have some very nice horses with sheets, and some …not no nice horses on sheets.

I have tried Weatherbeeta, Rambo, Amigo and the Turtle brand.

I will 110% after buying $200 + fly sheets be buying ONLY TURTLE fly sheets from now on! I would 110% advise trying one, the coverage is amazing, the material you can tell is not cheap and the design of it is very roomy, airy, and will defend against any critters.

How is it in terms of weight and pressure? And do they sweat under them? What are your temps?

I’ve just about given up on fly sheets. I want one of my geldings to have one, he’s out 24/7 and of the full gang seems the most affected by flies – but I can’t find one that doesn’t:

  1. shift back and eventually pull tightly against the chest
  2. doesn’t cause pressure over his withers (prominent)
  3. doesn’t pull down/seem tight over his loins
  4. cause him to sweat
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we are VERY humid (northern VA in a valley) and our summers range from 89-95 most days. I have been using the sheet on my very heavy sweater and so far he has been super comfortable.

I know what you mean when you say “pull back on the chest”. these don’t do that, they have a totally different design around the neck and chest sort of like a giant rubber band (they don’t rub or pull tightly)
And there is no pressure because of the design over the whither at all. the material truly does “tent” up over the whither.

Thanks for the recommendation, I might have to try one of those!

@beowulf if you haven’t already, you might try Schneiders. They make a cut specifically for high withered horses called Vtek. They also have different materials, including their mosquito mesh which looks very lightweight.


Is this the sheet you’re talking about?

I thought the turtleneck guys had a different front than two buckles. It does look similar to the SSTack Mosquito Mesh fabric.

@beowulf I think we’re dealing with the same type of weather, it’s been so hot and sticky. I have one mare in particular that I’d just really, really like to keep in a sheet, but she was wet with sweat yesterday MORNING :frowning:

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We probably are! It’s been UNBELIEVABLE. I gave my boys the day off yesterday and the day before… 90s at 7 AM… :nauseated_face:

It seems early for this weather, right? I thought we didn’t get this sort of sticky until later in the summer!

If you find a flysheet that works for your guy, I’d LOVE to know! I don’t have your fit challenges, but keeping them cooler when it’s 95 degrees and 95% humidity seems impossible :frowning:

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How does the Turtle sizing run compared to Amigo?

I have given up on flysheets. I just spray them before they go out. I have not been able to find one that does not eventually get tight in the shoulders… I think it’s just the nature of the mesh fabric and the direction of the horses coat. It’s the hair that pulls it back.

So far the only one I have that does not do that is an old baker sheet but I need to put some fleece at the withers because it will rub the mane off.

my guy usually goes comfortably in 78 blanket. I ordered an 80 and it fits him like it was made for him. He is also a little on the “round” side. 1st fly blanket i ever had that does NOT pull back on the chest nor snag and rotate even when they roll.

yes! I will be ordering another one for another horse tomorrow (pay day!)