Best Glucosamine Suppliment?

Hey guys!

My filly was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in her hock!
She was given a cortisone injection already and I’ve been given instructions to put her on a glucosamine supplement.

I live in Canada if that helps at all. I just want something people have had good luck with!

Thanks in advance! :o

Some favorites recommendations from COTH include: Smartpak’s Smartflex line, GLC5500, Actiflex 4000 (Big Dees Tack), and Cosequin. I’m currently using Remard Total Joint Care, and I’ve used Recovery EQ extra strength (made in Canada) and Smartflex Resilience with pretty good success.

Definitely Cosequin. I would also talk to the vet about getting a prescription for Adequan.

Animed glucosamine 5000.

I like injectables like Legends and Adequan as well as plain old glucosamine. Is there any reason why your vet didn’t suggest it?


Here is a little light reading on the injectables.

I will say, out of all the supplements, I’ve seen Phycox EQ do the most for the horse.

You might want to become a fast expert on OsPhos and Tildren, though. They may come in handy to halt and prevent further joint deterioration. (if you haven’t already learned about them).

I’m terribly sorry it is DJD but I would like to add that the lameness vet I assisted was always super positive when it came to joints because bone is a lot easier to treat than tendons and ligaments. So it could always be worse!

She only suggested putting her on a glucosamine supplement daily as she is already on the cortisone in the hock! We are trying to see if this will work on its own or if we need to upgrade to HA :frowning: :no:

I am happy to hear the optimism! I have never had to deal with a horse that had something like this only superficial wounds.

Does anybody have a horse that is in full work with DJD?

Grand HA Synergy has it all. It’s the best for joints in my opinion.