Best Helmet for All Three Rings

I currently have a CO JR8 and I took a bad fall to the head and I am looking for a new helmet. There are so many choices! I compete in all three rings at mostly C and B shows with 3-4 A shows so I like the classy look with maybe a little more edge than black velvet. I loved my CO but there was ZERO VENTILATION! I really like the Samshield Shadow Matte but I am not seeing it to much. I also really like One K. What helmet do you guys like?

My advice (and I’m sure everyone here will agree) is to go to a tack shop with a large selection of helmets, and try them all on. Buy whichever one fits you best. If the CO fits you well, you might want to try a CO AYR8, which has vents.

Charles Owen has a great discount - report the fall on their site and get ~65% off any CO replacement!! You’ll take the proof and your old helmet to a tack store to get the discount.

Charles Owen has a great discount - report the fall on their site and get ~65% off any CO replacement!! You’ll take the proof and your old helmet to a tack store to get the discount.

Where on the website do I report it?

If the Samshield Shadow Matte fits you then I would definitely recommend it! I just recently bought one and I love it! Super comfortable, removable/washable liners, ventilated, and can be used in all three rings. I’m an eventer however I’ve seen them in all three rings in show pictures! Also Samshield’s replacement policy is Samshield will replace the helmet at 25% off of retail within 4 years of purchase. The helmet, a letter describing the accident, and receipt of purchase is required.

After having two COs, I switched to a OneK this year. It’s significantly cooler in the summer, and very comfortable. If they fit you, it’s certainly a good option for all three rings; I’ve shown in Adults and Adult medals in mine.

Don’t buy velvet, I haven’t seen anyone in the hunter ring in velvet in years. The last time I saw one was at a dressage show, and they’re not even very popular there.

If you’ve got a local shop available that has several of the models you’re interested in, go try some on and see which one fits best. It doesn’t matter what’s trendiest if it doesn’t fit your head right, and any of the CO/OneK/Samshields you’re considering are perfectly acceptable for what you’re looking at doing.

My new fave is the Charles Owen AyrBrush! It is ventilated, has a removable liner and is super comfy.

Another good option would be the leather look Ayr8, it is very classy in every ring.

Lastly, that 65% off is only for 1 year then the discount goes down. It is also only for the helmet you purchased. . so if you want a a more expensive helmet, you will only be eligible for 65% off the purchase price of the Jr8, then the remainder would be at retail price. . .

Hope that helps!

I don’t do hunters or eq anymore and I only ever did local circuit but I have a One K now, and it’s very ventilated and has a fully removable/replacable liner. I had a Lami Cell before, the one that was trying to be a classic GPA, but I fell on my head last winter when a sheet of ice broke off and slid down the metal roof.

But the best advice is to go into a tack shop, put your hair in a hairnet the way you will when you show, and try them all on. You need to make sure it’s comfortable and fits you well and won’t shift around on your head.

Just please do not buy a used helmet on ebay just to get $100 off! (my friend did that I was so mad at him)

I have the CO AYR8 with vents. I can’t comment if the vents help that much, my head doesn’t really sweat. Not sure if you’re on a budget or anything but I ordered mine from the UK, and even after shipping to Canada it was still $100 cheaper than if I had bought it here, I just had a bit of a wait - I think it was a 2-3 week wait. Worth it in my opinion! Just something to look into if You do end up sticking with the CO

Check out the CO V8. I’ve found it to be cooler than my AYR8.

The best helmet is the one that fits your head properly.

Not brand or price point.


If the CO fits your noggin really well, try the Ayr8. Super comfy.

The discount off the new helmet depends on the age of the damaged one.

If you know what you want, Tack of the Day has helmets on sale right now–hurry!

I have two Samshields – love them; the washable liner is a huge plus.

Just bought a Samshield. Love it.