Best Horsey Books

I want to expand my knowledge and also do something other than watch Netflix :lol: when I have down time. What informational books or readings would be a good and enlightening read? I primarily ride hunter/jumper but would love to read any discipline related books!
Thank You :slight_smile:

One of my favorites is My Horses, My Teachers by Alois Podhajsky. Even though he became the director of the Spanish Riding School, he rode jumpers previously, and the book includes some. Itโ€™s a roll call of outstanding horses in his life. Lots of insight into training and dealing with different personalities, and his respect and love for all of them, even the toughest one he admits he never managed to โ€œreachโ€ totally, shine throughout the book.

One of my favorites is Gallop Girl by Margaret Fletcher and Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton. There is a thread here on COTH about favorite Kindle books and it has alot of really good selections. Check it out and happy reading!