Best hunter bridle in $200-300 range?

Looking for a high-quality hunter bridle in the $200-300 range. Maybe a Bobby’s (Signature Series)?

Related threads are 10+ years old!

Thanks in advance for your recommendations :).


Slightly over budget but I really like this bridle for the money!

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Tenney’s carries the full Aramas line, and currently has a 20% off sale if you call the store and buy over the phone. These bridles come with reins. I have this one and like it more than the Ovation and similarly priced models

This one is really nice as well and usually isn’t excluded when tack shops or NF have a discount offered


I second the suggestion for the Aramas bridles (as well as the Americana line, made by the same manufacturer and of a very similar quality). I like the Ovations as well, but the Aramas/Americana are better. I would’ve previously strongly suggested Exselle (which were made by the same factory in England that made the Crosby strapgoods for Miller’s), but it looks like they’re no longer made. :sob: The Aramas/Americana bridles oil and soften up beautifully, do not have that plasticky/painted on finish a lot of bridles have these days (especially in the lower price ranges), and hold up well. I have one of each and love them both! I also have 3 Ovations, but I think my older one (which is at least 10 years old) is the nicest of the bunch, and is very similar to my Aramas and Americana. My other two (the Elite RCS and Classic Collection wide nose hunter bridle) are not quite as nice, but still good, solid choices.

Every once in awhile you can find a nice used Edgewood/older Beval/etc. in that price range and below as well. I’ve found several really nice used bridles with reins in or below that price range on eBay, TackTackRoom, and a few online consignment shops (as well as consignment shops near me).

I haven’t seen the Bobby’s in a long time, but think I would still prefer the aforementioned brands over them.

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I had my eye on an Aramas and it looks like they’ll do 20% off if you call the store! Calling as soon as I get out of Zoom hell. Thanks for enabling me this Monday morning :sweat_smile:


My trainer always jokes that I’m our barn enabler :rofl: Happy to enable someone else as well LOL! Happy shopping! Buying a bridle for myself today too, happy Monday to all of us! Ha.


I like my Red Barn KL Select bridle:

Loving the new brand, Leopold Cole! They are priced within this range and come with reins!

Ooh pretty! Have you seen the quality in person? What’s the leather like?

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I really like the Ovation and the Nunn Finer at that price point.

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If you like the unpadded look, you can get an Edgewood (without reins) for just a few dollars over $300. The padding adds a significant cost.


What the heck, had to throw in the matching martingale of course! Horsey will look quite sharp at his baby green debut next year.
Tenney’s ran my credit card twice, but guessing one of those will fall off by the time it arrives to me :crossed_fingers:t5:


These are the exact same bridles as, where you can get them for <$100. Beautiful, good quality bridles for that price.

Perfect, wouldn’t want to have it not match :grinning: I actually have that for mine also, it has held up well.

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Related threads are 10 years old but so are the good bridles in this budget :frowning:

For new bridles, not used, Aramas is the only one listed on this thread that I would recommend now. There used to be several good options in this price bracket. Not as much anymore.

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Edgewood – 10,000% To stay in budget you’ll have to find a good sale or buy one lightly used. But totally worth. They’re classic and beautiful, the craftsmanship is fantastic, and will last forever. I have several that are 20 years old that are going strong, and still look amazing.

I love a ‘butter soft’ bridle and reins, and in my opinion, Edgewood gets me this better/more reliably than any other brand.


I also suggest Bridle and Reins. I have their cheapest option for just a lunging bridle (vegetable tanned leather) and I get compliments all the time. They do take a bit of time to ship, but you can get a bridle (with reins), martingale and girth for under $450 (even with choosing the most expensive leather option (English Cow Leather)
They also have 4 color choices for most of their products as well.
Their customer service was great (as I initially chose the incorrect style of reins) and they were able to make the adjustment for me.

I just got a black oak for $180 CAD with reins and it feels lovely!