Best Hunter/Jumper & Showjumping stallions these days

Hi breeders,

I would like to compile a list of top Hunter and showjumping stallions. I’d particularly love to hear about those in America, as I’d like to support the domestic breeding industry. I’m planning to improve the stallions section on my website,, and would appreciate leads on who the best hunter and jumper stallions are these days.

Any help would be appreciated, and I thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

My go-to source for the top sires is to go to USEF and search under leading sires for hunters and jumpers for the last few years. Of course, a lot of the top horses are recorded under “unknown” breeding, which is very unfortunate, but it’s still a helpful list.

Look at the WBFSH, you probably won’t find stallions standing in the U.S. nor Hunters…

Kudos to you for looking at domestic stallions that are actually in the ring. One nice resource is the Young Jumpers database. There are more than a few stallions that have come up through that program. There are also some very nice hunter stallions - both in the professional divisions and the amateur divisions. All of my stallions have spent time in the performance ring - it’s nice to see it recognized and appreciated by breeders!

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Thanks for the leads everyone; I’m grateful!

Thanks for the tip! Is this through USEF or another organization?

Can any also recommend specific stallions and their websites? I’m just not in the know of who the popular stallions are, and don’t entirely trust Google results! :slight_smile:

well… I don’t think the two are very comparable; you need different things for both rings… unless you are listing the roster separately?

that being said, Cunningham comes to mind immediately for HJ… and Redwine too… Both are US stallions.

for SJ, I don’t think you’ll find many US stallions. What about North America instead? There’s a lot of really nice stallions in Canada…

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No US showjumpers? I respectfully disagree. :wink:

Hyperion Stud
SpyCoast Farm
Rising Star Farm
Iron Spring Farm
Hilltop Farm
Wild Turkey Farm
Fox Fire Farm

(Those are in no particular order…just the first ones that popped into my mind).

The problem with USEF results is that many times the top stallions are deceased since it takes a while for their get to accumulate points (as I sadly discovered when shopping for a stallion).

Crown Affair for hunters. He stands at Wild Turkey Farm which also boasts some wonderful jumper stallions as well.

Cunningham for hunters, too.

Also, check into the Car line from Fernando Cardenas.

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I don’t know if my horse by Ragtime is typical of his offspring, but he’s good-minded, athletic, kind, jumps great, moves well enough to get a piece of the hack…

Thanks everyone; I agree with those who mentioned that often the USEF sires are deceased; I find the USEF system very difficult to navigate as I’m researching, so your comments are really helpful in locating active stallions!