Best lightweight western saddle for Paso Fino?

I have been trail riding on a (very) used synthetic western saddle that I bought from another boarder. I love western for trail riding!!

I’d like to get something new in leather at some point soon, but it would have to be as lightweight as possible, fit my Paso (14.1) and still be good quality. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Allegany Mountain Trail saddles is a very good saddle company ! They have an wonderful customer service ! And they are very light weight for leather saddles . Most are about 21lbs-25lbs .

I rode my Pasos for years in an synthetic endurance Abetta, which all of us found comfortable. :smiley:

Depending on what you want to spend you may also want to talk to Mauricio at Kuda, their quality is tops. Hubby trains for a living and beats the ever-loving sheeeet out of his Kuda trainers saddle (that particular model is too heavy for what you want) and it hasn’t so much as popped a stitch. Maybe take a look at the flex-tree endurance model. He comes to Paso shows up your way later in the summer so you might be able to see a saddle in person before you decide.

Have no personal experience with these saddles, but I have heard good things about them as well:

BY, is your husband coming to the shows in New York and Mass? We will be at both for the first time ever! I just took delivery of my new trailer.

We usually go south to Asheville and Lexington VA. Dillsburg is as far north as we go. But if you get down our way please come visit – love to meet new paso people!

Congrats on the trailer. Wheels are a very, very good thing. :slight_smile:

I am totally out of my league here, but when my mom rode her Pasos (about 10 years ago), her trainer rode in a Thorowgood endurance saddle.

Check out Sycamore Creek Saddles.


Allegany Mountain Trail saddles is a very good saddle company ! They have an wonderful customer service ! And they are very light weight for leather saddles . Most are about 21lbs-25lbs .[/quote]

Hmmm, I love the brown leather Renegade Endurance saddle…:yes:

Oh boy, I SO like the black renegade endurance!!!

Saddle has to be black. Brown just doesn’t look right on my dapple gray horse. And this way I don’t have to buy another bridle.

Anyone hear of Sycamore Crek saddles? Made especially for gaited horses. They look lovely and the prices are really reasonable. Folks on my Paso Fino forum seem to love them.

I have only heard good things about SCS, Tony is great to work with too


I have a Big Horn western that is lightweight & very comfy, semi quarter horse bars

Sycamore Creek saddles are great, I rode in a friends, nice quality and great to work with when looking for the right saddle. Also, they don’t seem to be very expensive.

I love the Rapid Rider by Tex Tan too, I have had it for about 6/7 years. I love that it has a tiny skirt (only an inch or so), and panels are individual. (Where on the back of western saddles the skit is stitched together, on this saddle they are separate.)

Happy saddle shopping!

Has anyone used a Josber Paso Fino saddle?

Do you have one? Searching for info on one as well

Someone just messaged me about my purple Abetta saddle for their Paso. Not sure if that was you?

It really depends on your horse’s conformation. My friend and I ride Pasos. She uses Australian saddles on her horses. I prefer a dressage saddle. I have also used a wintec western and a Fabtron saddle on different Pasos over the years. It really depends on the particular horse. Some are very round and need a very wide tree, others are more average in conformation. My friend has one with razor withers and a back like a thoroughbred.

As for lightweight - you want either an Abetta or semi-synthetic western saddle. Most fully leather saddles weigh 28 lbs for a western saddle. You want a round skirt to avoid rubs on a short backed horse.

Pasos can get cinch sores easily - a mohair girth works to prevent rubs. Sometimes you may need to add a fleece cover over that and cut it to size.