Best memories of shows you watched

So after attending a horse show with my sister this weekend and holding my breath through the whole grand prix I couldn’t think about anything else. It was so thrilling to watch the horses working their hearts out for their riders. I felt like I was trying to jump each jump with the riders. I’d been to shows before but this grand prix seemed more amazing than anything I’d watched before.

What are your favorite moments from shows you watched?

Going to the National Horse Show with my dad, back when it was held at the Garden.

I saw this year’s Hunter Derby Finals and will always have that mind shot of Brunello and Louise Serio coming to the large oxer and what an effort he made! Everyone just lost their breath and looked at one another. They are a special team.

I lived in FL for a year and we’d go to Wellington to watch the big names. This was probably in '92. So at one show I got to see Gem Twist AND Big Ben. I was in heaven!!! And seeing Michael Matz riding, awesome.

Liza Boyd, though, not Louise Serio.

Whoops! You are right!

I think the first time I went to the Washington International at the DC Armory. I seem to recall being seated so close to the jumps and had never seen anything like that before. I think it was also the first time I saw Rodney Jenkins and was a fan ever since.

There was another year at the International- we were sitting in the exhibitors tent and low and behold Ian Millar and crew sat down at our table. I died.

I’ve a couple on my bucket list - Hickstead, Aachen and Dublin

My mom took my best friend and I to the first American Invitational in Tampa when we were 13. We got to meet Beezie and Margie who signed our programs. It was certainly a memorable night!!

When I was 9 we went to WEF to try ponies. I got to hold a GP horse with my trainer while the rider walked the course. It was a big, grey mare but I can’t remember who’s horse it was. They did end up in the jump off and it was really exciting for me!

Probably my favorite ever class to watch was at a CCI**** in Deauville, France. I was spending the summer showing over there with my trainer and we went to the show to watch Katie Prudent win on Mr. Blue. I got to hand walk him back to the barn and it was very exciting for my 14 year old self.

Watching Milton win the World Cup in 1990 in Dortmund Germany

That’s awesome!!

WEF in Wellington is amazing! It’s hard to pick a favorite moment. The whole experience was fantastic!

One of my best memories of horse show watching was our local dressage chapter’s spring show on a beautiful day that started out cool enough for layering and ended up warm enough for T-shirts. Sitting with my friends, watching our friends (human and equine) and supporting them. Meeting new people and their horses. Holding horses and water bottles, cameras and carrots, and just being there together.

Other cherished memories: going to shows with my mom when I was a kid. She did not ride but she loved watching the classes, especially the gaited and western ones where the organ played tunes to accompany the different gaits. Especially the Palomino Parade classes with every horse and rider looking like Trigger and Roy Rogers. Horses under the stars – everything from show jumping to five-gaited to fine harness to roadsters to western.

I love horse shows!