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Best Mileage Tracker App

Although I’m not riding competitively, I do track my trail mileage and keep a journal of my rides. I ride about three times a week in season, about 20 miles a week on average. I’ve been using All Trails and am kinda fed up with it. Wants to be all things to all travelers, too many options, and not intuitive. Today the mapping went white although it kept telling me how far I’d gone. Just tired of things like that happening.

Looking for an app for an IPhone. Time and mileage, good maps. WiFi can be spotty here in the mountains, so the ability to pick up where the wifi went awol is a good feature.

What do you all use?

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I’ve been using Equilab and so far I like it! It has been very reliable. It shows a map of my ride, when I walked, trotted or cantered, how fast we went, weather etc. there’s a place to write a summary of the ride and I can share it with my friends that also use Equilab or see what rides they did. I like the social aspect of it.


While I mainly use my Garmin watch to track my rides, I do have Equilab and Ride with GPS as backups on my phone.