Best muzzle

My cattle dog is absolutely terrified of having her nails trimmed. They’ve now become overgrown (I avoided getting it done as she would have to go into the vet/groomer by herself due to Covid) but I found a groomer who will do it at the end of this month. She’s never nipped, but I would feel most comfortable muzzling her just to be safe. What’s the best muzzle (preferably available through Amazon) that you would recommend?

A basket muzzle would be the safest.
Just be sure to get one that fits correctly.

Agree that a basket muzzle would probably be safest and least restrictive for your dog so she doesn’t feel even more threatened.

In the meantime, I would definitely work with her on this. Have you tried a dremel instead of clippers? Another thing that really helps is a grooming table with a noose. If you have two hands available instead of only one, and/or don’t have to physically restrain her - it will be easier and faster for both of you.

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Another vote for a basket muzzle. She will be safe, the people will be safe, but she also will feel less confined which can certainly add to the anxiety.

Also, feel free to ignore if you’ve already done this, but I would work on teaching her to give you her paws. Like “shake” but more of a placing her paw in your hand (and leaving it there). As she learns, start petting her paw, messing with her toes, moving the nails, and later on, introducing the nippers/Dremel/whatever you use to trim. I have found that teaching them to place the paw rather than restraining and picking it up yourself gives them confidence. This method worked for my cattle dog mix who was also very worried about her nails being trimmed. She would tremble and pee and whip her head towards you every time. Years later she will still eyeball me but is confident and knows the drill. For what it’s worth, we never muzzled, but would have if someone else had to trim her nails.

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