Best Online Sites to Buy from?

My normal go-tos are:

Smart pak
Chicks discount saddlery

Any other awesome places?? For english tack, barn supplies, breeches, etc

Riding Warehouse is great, especially if you buy during their frequent sales. Their shipping is also super fast!


I’ve used Smartpak and Dover ever since I started riding and love both. Also depending on what I need I’ll order from Amazon. It’s not a horse specific site but they have a lot of options and I normally can find what I need for a lower prices. All my blankets and fly sheets come from Schneider and I love them.
There are tons of other sites to try but I’ve grown very hesitant to try them. Twice when ordering things for my mini I tried other sites and after over a month trying to find out when/if my order had even been shipped I looked them up on Facebook and found they had terrible reviews. Now I always google, Facebook and whatever else I can think of before trying a new site.

Schneiders is fantastic, as is Stateline Tack. I’ve also used Jeffers Pet Supply for a few odds and ends, too.

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Riding Warehouse. 1 year return policy. Awesome customer service. Free shipping on orders $50+. Great prices and good sales.

2 Likes name brands deeply discounted.
I’ve ordered everything from blankets to breeches to Himalyan salt blocks & so far not been disappointed with products or service.

@PrincessPonies Try Chrysalis Acres for you mini.
Not a huge selection of goods, but nice quality, good prices & Mary was a pleasure to deal with.
She made me a smashing custom apron for under $100 :encouragement:

2 Likes Their shipping is a little higher, but they ship same day if your order is before 3pm, and my recent order came priority mail. Their prices are a bit lower, too, usually, so IMO it makes up for the shipping.

For grooming supplies, I love The customer service is outstanding, and shipping is inexpensive. (And the Leistner brushes are beautiful!)

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I love Riding Warehouse. I also use Horseloverz a lot. They have a huge inventory. The reviews are mixed, but I’ve had very good luck with them.

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Oh man… I have a whole bookmark tab just for horse sites. Here are some of my favorites.

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Depends what you’re looking for, in Canada my favourites are:

My go to website are SmartPak and Riding Warehouse for tack and apparel (both have broad selection of products in most categories, good prices, and good customer service), and Valley Vet for vet supplies and drug prescriptions.

Riding Warehouse for sure! They have quickly become my go-to and favorite store for anything that they carry. Their customer service is the absolute BEST! For example - I realized a few weeks ago that the replacement crown piece I had ordered in January for my mare’s halter was black not brown. I sent them a quick email saying that I wasn’t sure of the return policy, or if they had even sent it by mistake (sometimes I order stuff wrong who knows). They got back to me within the day and told me they did in fact send the wrong color and they are sending a brown one out that day for free! They said I could keep the black one as well. Very small item and a simple thing but great service!!

On the other hand you couldn’t pay me to order from Dover. Their customer service IMO is downright awful: not a company I ever want to deal with again.

My favorite e is Bit of Britain but I have also been very happy buying from Dover, Smartpak, Calevo, Beval and if price us no object Malvern Saddlery.
It’s like a TJ Maxx of horse stuff. Every day they have a new featured item. They’re slow to ship and there’s no returns but I got back on track boots a few weeks ago for like 40% off

Agreed with Riding Warehouse! They are amazing.

FYI riding warehouse if doing 15% off right now for Tax Season, so go stock up! As if I need another reason to buy more stuff:eek:

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