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Best over the counter flea and tick topical for cats

One of my barn cats is going to a pet home. I need to make sure she doesn’t bring any fleas or ticks with her when so goes. What works best on cats?

Revolution or Advantage II seems to be my vets preference for topicals. I use a seresto collar on my barn cat, glued inside his break away collar.


Frontline plus is your best bet for protection against fleas and ticks on cats.

Revolution does nothing for ticks on cats.

Revolution Plus is labeled for ticks on cats. All I know is that I keep picking up ticks on me and my cats don’t have any. Thinking about using it on me.

Revolution is only labeled for ticks for dogs, not cats. Again, Revolution is not labeled for ticks on cats.

And it’s only labeled for one tick species for tick treatment for Dogs.

We use Bravecto Plus as we have paralysis ticks here; not sure if that is an OtC one for you but we can buy it here at the pet store, feed store, chemist and online.

I never said Revolution. I said Revolution Plus.

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You are right but I read the comment as “Revolution” and not Revolution plus.

Either way, it’s not great tick control, it is only labeled for one tick species , 24 hrs start to kill. There are 4 major tick species that we have in the USA.

Blacked legged tick
Deer tick
Brown dog tick
Lone star tick

Frontline plus is labeled for 4 species of ticks and flea control that starts in 12 hrs. Vs 24.

I have been pretty happy with the Revolution on my inside cats. We cannot seem to get all the fleas entirely GONE in the house, though they only bother the pets. This despite washing all fabrics often, bombing the house (cats put out in the tack room until it is safe to return them). I do clip claws, then bathe cats and dogs monthly, before reapplying, and they do not scratch themselves during the month. Dogs are also treated. Pets not allowed in the bedrooms that are carpeted.