Best place for a layover in Lexington, KY?

Finally, after two years on the market, it looks like DH and I have sold our horse property. Sometime in late February we will be trailering our two mares (both seniors) from SW MI to NC where we are building a house and getting a new horse set up completed.

We will be traveling south through Lexington, KY, and spending one night there. Does anyone local to Lexington (or someone who has traveled through with horses and stayed overnight) have any recommendations for a good place for our layover?

DH is hoping that we can overnight our horses at the KY Horse Park as it is easy to get to from the freeway. I would prefer a smaller farm setup with people willing to help if we have loading problems. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Newtown Station Layover is excellent.

I think I also used Newtown station. They made it easy.

Thank you both. I will go online and check them out. I appreciate your help.

How long of a drive is it? Might be easier on them to go straight through, especially if they are reluctant loaders.

Candyappy, when my husband has driven down to our property hauling his tractor and mower, it has taken him about 12 hours. (We are near Forest City in Rutherford county.) He has done this in one long haul with no overnights. But he wasn’t hauling horses.

Our two mares are in good health but are twenty and twenty one years old and haven’t been on any long hauls since they were much younger. We hauled them up from KY. One was six months and the other was a yearling. They’ve had short trips since we got our new trailer.

My biggest concern is that DH and I are senior citizens too - I’m 72 and DH is 70. (DH literally can’t keep his eyes open beyond 9:00 or 9:30 at night; he’s the early bird - up by 5:00 every morning.)

I’m more worried about exhaustion on my husband’s part (who will be doing the most driving) and neither one of us wants to be driving after dark. And who knows what kind of weather we may have?

Our two horses are half draft (perch x Tb). Our big mare who is 17.1 goes into our new Hawk trailer like a dream. My smaller mare likes to look at the situation before she agrees to going into her slot. We’ve learned through practice that she goes in if she is hungry and can see hay in front of her.

After closing, we will drive down with our two dogs and one cat. We plan to do that haul in one day. Not anxious to spend the night in a hotel room with three very anxious animals.

Thanks for your response! Lots of stress right now. So much to do!