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Best Place to Advertise for a Foxhunting Oriented Manager/Trainer

Have already done Yard & Groom, Foxhunting Life, and Covertside needs a 3 month lead time so that’s out. COTH does not seem to be a good option given that most ads seemed to be real estate.

How about making enquiries at your local hunt club? Local knowledge can be very useful.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately we have already done that.

Maybe some of the eventing Facebook groups? I don’t know where you are located, but the USEA Area II facebook page is quite active - it often has working student and barn manager positions posted.

Are you open to foreign staff? Maybe try the British Grooms Association as it has jobs listed. www.britishgrooms.org.uk

Are we allowed to post looking for help ads on here? Our hunt is short staffed too.

Foxhunters on FaceBook

Your state’s equine Facebook page and surrounding states. If you are offering housing with the job, I would also post on equine Facebook pages that are in hunt heavy areas, whether that is by state or by location.