Best place to buy a BRIDGE (aka modified 3 point) breastplate?

Alright, so I do know of a few places but they are quite expensive (hight $200s). I need one in black and it seems nearly impossible to find one that color in O/S for less than $300. Forget finding one used, apparently, they are not out there. Any help would be appreciated!

Comes in oversize (price didn’t change when I picked O/S). Comes in Black.

Flexible Fit Equestrian.

Darn! They are out of black oversize :frowning:

PS of Sweden & Kavalkade sell 3 point bridge breastplates. The PSoS Melbourne is nice because the martingale rings on it clip to the reins so you don’t have to unbuckle them but they stopped making it so they’re really only available through European retailers. They also made one called Tokyo that is also a 3 point bridge.
Kavalkade’s Diandro breastplate is one that would work but it’s hard to find in size warmblood/OS.
Bliss of London has one that is buildable so you adjust the fit but I would ask them about it to make sure it fits.
Also if you are okay with blue/white elastic, FFE has this black leather breastplate in O/S in stock.

I would recommend looking around in the Eventing Tack groups on Facebook!

Bridles & Reins (formerly Royal Tack) has this:

I have this exact one (not in black though) and the quality is good. I only use it for XC and haven’t been able to get out much so it hasn’t had a lot of use, but I do get compliments on it whenever I do.

It looks like they have a couple other styles of bridge breastplates too.

I love my Flexible Fit Bridge breastplate. It fetid one slightly chunkier horse better than this younger thinner barn mate… but do love it…

Either I’m dumb, or this isn’t a bridge breastplate… it’s nice looking though.

Isn’t it? The bridge is the part that goes over the withers, and then you’ve got the two points of attachment (instead of the 4 like in a 5-point).

I would consider this a 3-point:

And then the style that I posted a bridge 3-point.

Maybe I learned wrong?

The Ovation one is technically a 3 point but not a modified bridge breastplate. Modified bridge ones attach to the billet straps, not the D-rings. They attach like this:

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I was under the impression they attached to the billets, not the Ds.

Ah - the “modified” must mean it attaches to billets, not d-rings. Sorry, the one I have that I posted definitely attaches to the d-rings.

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It’s a super nice looking breastplate, though! I like the front of it.

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Yes I posted the Ovation as an example of a standard 3 point. A bridge has the piece that goes over the withers, like the one I posted earlier on from Bridles and Reins. OP was looking for one that attaches to the billets which I think must be the “modified” part.

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Nunn Finer has 5-ways that look like they could be converted to ‘modified’ by removing the straps that connect to the D-rings.

Thanks to everyone for your help. The modified connects directly to the billets/girth as mentioned by @endlessclimb. Looks like I will have to hit up FFE for one although I wish they had the black/black in stock in o/s.

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I asked a similar question a little bit ago. Looks like the responses may have been lost in the forum move or else I would link it here.

I ended up going with this one:

I’ve also had this one in the past:

I think I like the sterling one better on my more narrow chested guy, but he jumped so big one day and broke it, so replaced it with the one from tack n rider, and I like it on my thicker guy.

Doesn’t look like either comes in black. You could always die it? But thats kinda scary.

That is what a friend of mine did with her HDR five point - just removed the D ring straps.

Where is the elastic on the first one? I like the styling, but do want to ensure shoulder freedom.

Its actually what goes around the billets - it is reinforced around the billets, but it is different. So you cannot see it while its on the horse (covered by the flaps or the riders leg).

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The NunnFiner one(s) comes in black and oversize. Doesn’t say out of stock. The billet straps aren’t even stitched on so very easy to remove.