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Best Place to buy Vaccines online.

Seems like there should be plenty of posts about this subject but surprisingly I can’t find any. SO… where do you purchase your online vaccines?
I prefer to buy them somewhat separately so I can space out the application.
Flu/Rhino and EWN is what I need at the moment.
Valley Vet is the only one I’ve found so far that fits the bill.
Any other ideas?

I like American Livestock Supply. http://www.americanlivestock.com/

I’ve ordered from Jeffers and been happy.

I’ve used Valley Vet for many years and every order has been filled and delivered correctly. I usually order my dewormers and syringes for the year at the same time.


I don’t buy vaccines from them (as I’m located in Canada), but I do get supplements, and their prices are quite competitive.

Depending on where you live, you may prefer buying from
a supplier who is close by. I often order from United Vet
Equine because they are in my metropolitan area and they
always deliver to me overnight. That way I don’t need to
pay for any express shipping or purchase any special chill


I buy my vaccines from different suppliers because unfortunately I can’t find a supplier that carries each particular vaccine I use. I like Heartland Vet Supply, but also use Jeffers, United Vet and Valley Vet.


I’ve been buying from www.horsevaccines4less.com for the past few years. I buy for the my trainer’s horses and mine, so shipping is free, because the order is over $350. They have always shipped quickly.

I use www.omahavaccine.com. I’ve always had good luck with them.

Jeffers… As posted before, location is a big factor regarding shipping time and packaging

I also buy from horse vaccines4less.com and have been happy with them.

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This is where I buy currently, but I’ve also purchased from Valley Vet with success.