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Best Place to Consign Saddle?

Any recommendations (or dire warnings) about where to send an 11 year old Antares Monoflap on consignment? It’s an 18.5" seat and therefore a bit of a tougher sell, so probably looking for someone with a reputable online business. It’s a year too old for Highline unfortunately.

Took 3 years for Pelham Saddlery to sell my 18" somewhat unusually configured Devoucoux, but they kept at it and when it finally sold they sent me a check for the initial asking price right away.

I think you’ll need to be patient, and I hope you don’t need money right away.


Same. I had an English Ortho-flex saddle. (Which, trust me, is a weird thing.) Took a long time but Pelham Saddlery sold it. There’s a lid for every pot.

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Expect it to take awhile to sell. I consigned with Liberty Saddlery and didn’t have any issues, but I eventually just took it back because I wasn’t prepared for the length of time it was taking to sell. I had to pay return shipping and processing fee of course. But Liberty was good to work with and I would recommend.

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I’d try Aiken Tack Exchange, they have a lot of male foxhunters and that seems like your target audience.

ETA I’ve also had good experience buying from Liberty Saddlery.


I had no luck with Pelham Saddlery for an 18.5 inch Patrick jump saddle for 13 months. Aiken Tack Exchange sold it in less than 2 months. 17 inch monoflap Patrick jump saddle sold in 1 month with Aiken Tack Exchange.
Voltaire dressage saddle sat at Liberty Saddlery for 9 months. Sold in 3 months for a higher listing price at Aiken Tack Exchange. Plus I had to pay a $75 fee to get my saddle back from Liberty Saddlery. Read the contract carefully

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Thank you all so much! I MAY have lucked into a local buyer, but will be in contact with Aiken if that doesn’t pan out.

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There are some reputable consignment places that will buy it immediately, I have done it twice for friends. You only get 50% of what they plan to sell it for but you get paid as soon as they receive the saddle, no waiting for it to go out on trials. One was a 20+ year old Devecoux in beautiful condition and the other was an 18" Antares also in excellent condition. In each case the price was in the $1,800-$1,900 range but I can’t remember who I used. Both consignment places were highly recommended by others on this forum, if you mention some names I might remember. :frowning: It was not Highline though, at the time I sold the Antares they asked me to wait a few months, which I did not want to do.

Redwood Tack does purchase outright if the model fits with what she’s currently selling. They are a good option!

FWIW, Highline sold my old Antares in 5 months for more than I was hoping to get for it so, they may be a good option. They take 25% which is pretty typical.

Maria who owns the company at the link below is FANTASTIC!


At the time I sold the Antares, I think it was about 18 months - 2 years ago, several places were charging 40%-50% commission! When I have more time I have to search for the old threads about this subject.