Best place to list draft x for foxhunting?

My friend has a SUPER DUPER quiet percheron/tb cross for sale but is having trouble on FB due to “violating community standards”. Does anyone have recommendations for places to list him? Would be phenomenal foxhunter. She’s asking $25k but is negotiable

I know you said your friend had issues with fb but I follow this group and see horses just like your friends (same price range as well) listed all the time.


Agree with the recommendation for FB.

There’s also this website, run by the Merle-Smiths:

Have your friend study both the FB group and the website to get some ideas about pricing. IME and IMO, 25K is a price for a horse that has hunted some, maybe a season, not an unhunted prospect.

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As long as you don’t make the price obvious, you can post on Facebook without issues. And honestly I haven’t heard of anyone getting ads pulled for many months. For a while last year they were cracking down. Put the price in a format like this: :v::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::carrot::carrot::carrot:

Also cross post in eventing groups. There is a huge overlap for solid ammy friendly eventing horses and fox hunters and you’ll have a bigger market. If it’s pretty, kind, sound, and can point and shoot a simple 3’ course and go out alone and in groups without drama, 25k is not totally out of the ballpark.