Best place to list hunt saddles for sale ???

At long long last I am finally about to part with 2 cool saddles.

Are there specific groups on Facebook or websites that would be best?

Prefer not to consign.


I cancelled my FB account, but while I was active, I sold a ton of stuff on FB Marketplace–easy to sell because you have exposure to a lot of people, can post ad and pics for free, very easy to modify/edit your ad. I always specified “cash only” and “local sale, no shipping” and chose to meet buyers at a public location rather than have them come out to my place (world has gone crazy–don’t need them at my house).

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Have you tried SporthorseNation,, or eBay? I haven’t sold a saddle online, but I have heard of using these websites. I am sure that Facebook also has a group. Good luck! :slight_smile:

There are lots of people who use their local area horse pages to market saddles, especially if they only want to do local trials and don’t want to deal with shipping. There are several english saddle specific sites that seem to get a fair amount of traffic. I know there is a used County page free to use. Other brand specific pages for used saddles might be out there. You could put it on marketplace as well.

Try “Fox-unters on facebook”. They’re selective about what can be posted and hunt tack is allowed.

There are definitely such sites, just look on the Internet

Post something with your local hunts, specialist market, local to you.