Best place to purchase used dressage saddles

Looking for a 17” Med. possibly Med/narrow for my OTTB. My coach’s County Fusion seems to fit well, but finding. 17” medium seems next to impossible

@Cruiser12, where are you based? If in New England, the go to place is Pelham Saddlery, Pelham NH. Huge selection of used dressage saddles and a very knowledgeable staff. They also have a good trial policy.

I saw lots of med/ med narrow saddles when I was last there. Sadly I needed an extra wide for my delicate flower. The one that fit me and my horse best ended up coming from Hastilow.

IMHO buying saddles is even harder than buying shoes, and I really struggle with shoe buying! Best of luck.


Thank you for your response. I am actually new to the Huntsville Alabama area. But perhaps the shop you mentioned would be able to help me find some thing. I will reach out to them. thank you so much

Not sure if you want to stick with County, if you do:

Maryland Tack Exchange has some used County saddles


Call County and see if they have anything that might suit you in their used/demo inventory.


Middleburg Tack Exchange gets in quite a variety of dressage saddles. You might contact them with your needs. They have a good trial program.


Good Apple Equine in Ocala ( has a bunch and they do 5 day trials.

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Highline Tack in NC has a couple of med/med-narrow County Perfections at the moment. She does a five-day trial as well.


Saddle junkie here; I buy saddles like some people buy shoes. I currently own 7 times more saddles than I have horses in my barn. More than half I have bought used, usually on eBay. My experience has been pretty good using eBay for saddles. I study the pictures carefully, and read all the seller’s reviews, and carefully check the measurements. The more pictures with measurements the better, and if they can be re-flocked rather than having foam panels that is great too.


Pelham Saddlery is supposed to be good with remote fits.

I have had a lot of luck with Aiken Tack Exchange. They get in a huge amount of inventory every week. I am not sure they even have time to get it all on the website before it goes out the door. You would do well to contact the store with saddle tracings and what you like so they can talk to you about their current inventory. They can also call you if something comes in before it hits the website. They have a certified saddle fitter on staff so everything in inspected before it hits the floor/website for sale.
I have sold 2 jump saddles through them and purchased 1 dressage saddle. Very good to work with.


Thank you so much for letting me know. I will definitely reach out to them

Highline Tack has several County dressage saddles. I think I saw a 17" Perfection stamped M but flocked up closer to a MN.

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Hope you found something that fits. You could always check out Huntsville Horse Sports to see what saddles they have or post on the following facebook groups for future help:

Huntsville Area Horse Community (AL)
North Alabama Equine Connection

I found my MN Frank Baines at Middleburg. They usually have quite a variety.

I second Middleburg Tack. Sam’s Saddles on FB also is fantastic to work with; she has super prices and gets a good variety.

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I have bought and sold through Pelham, and I live in the midwest. They are great to deal with.

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Bonjour tack on instagram and online has a good inventory.

I have purchased a few through Ann with great success

eBay is also great.

Another vote for Pelham Saddlery - really great customer service and very knowledgeable.

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Definitely check out Sam’s Saddles. She is in Aiken and is excellent to work with. Her site is on FB and she keeps her inventory updated weekly.

Pelham Saddlery
Aiken Tack Exchange