Best Places In the US to send young horses for training/sale

What are the best places in the US to send young horses (dressage) to be trained and sold? I’m looking for places that will train correctly, provide a nice living situation (adequate stall with bedding and daily turnout), not starve the horse to start the training but keep them looking nice, and will not use dominance theory (force the horse to submit). I have a couple of super youngsters I’d like to put in a GREAT program to be trained and sold. Thanks.

There are a lot of great trainers in the US. I would try to narrow them down according to your location. It will make life much easier for you in the long run. Where are you located?

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I am in an area that is a wasteland for it (Colorado) and am willing to ship the youngsters to a place that has a well established program.

I have had several friends really enjoy their experience with their young horses with Katelyn Kok ( in Kansas City area.