Best Poll Relief Bridles

My horse has been diagnosed with a poll injury and my vet has recommended a poll relief bridle…
What brand do people like?
Shockwave has helped significantly. We think she bonked her head on the trailer. Thanks!!

Are you thinking of something like the Tota bridle that has the crownpiece back away from the poll entirely? Or just something that is wider and padded?

My thin skinned mare went totally bald behind her ears this summer, so I’m using a sheepskin halter tube on the poll piece to avoid rubs, so that is one option. It might also be worth considering a titanium bit to minimize the weight of the bridle. Removing the noseband would also reduce weight. Do make sure your noseband is not tight enough to pull the crownpiece down and create pressure on the poll.


My horse just hit his head in the trailer the other day. I just got a padded crown piece instead of an entirely new bridle.

Henry James bridlework has a crownpiece that is padded with a channel between the padding to prevent direct pressure on the poll. I was eying it for my mare who is sensitive to poll pressure.

I tried the Horze Peckham bridle that has a big poll relief. It’s hard to see in the photo from SmartPak, but the poll section is two separate pieces that are connected with a strap over the top (doesn’t touch horse’s skin so no pressure from it). My horse liked the head stall, but the rest of the bridle didn’t fit him well. I wish I could have traded out the oversized noseband for a horse sized one, but they don’t offer parts of the bridle like that.

Lara Tweedie and Bridle 2 Fit both have lovely, soft poll relief bridles

Check out Solo Bridles.

I’m planning to place an order within the week.

My horse was diagnosed with a fused C1/C2 after a neck xray last spring. We were using a PS of Sweden anatomical bridle but I immediately purchased him a Finesse bridle. The padding on the poll area is phenomenal and the data science nerd in me loved the published research paper. I’ll never use another bridle on my horse now.


Out of curiosity, do the Finesse bridles come with reins?

Mine did not.

I didn’t think so. Thanks for verifying!

Got my Solo bridle.

Truth be told, the leather and reins aren’t as thick as my previous bridles. But the crown in freakishly well padded as is the noseband. The reins make up for things by being rubber lined. I’m very happy with this bridle.

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Previous Solo bridles or is this the first you’ve gotten from them? I love my Solo bridle, it’s very soft. My one complaint is that the throatlatch is so long… even on my appx with big jowls.

First time.