best price on ulcergard currently?

I can always rely on this board for the best current prices for ulcergard…

Where? How much? When the heck is that dang patten running out?

Bumping up. Planning to travel to a university for scoping in a few weeks and I would love to have an idea of what I need to budget for a full run of ulcergard if needed.

budget around $1,000. If you sign up for emails from Entirely Pets you’ll get the best price when they have 15% off sales.

Entirely Pets is almost always the cheapest due to their 10-15% codes. I did score some for $23 and change per tube on eBay a month ago though, so you need to check around each time just in case.

islgrl - I’ve signed up for their emails and I still don’t get them. Not in my spam either. A bit frustrating but luckily someone usually posts on here when there is an extra good sale going on.

I just shopped around for it two weeks ago and Entirely Pets was the best deal with a 10% coupon from Not entirely pleased with them, though, as I paid for the 2-4 day shipping and it did not arrive until 8 days later, so be cautious if you need it quickly.