Best Rated Shows on the West Coast?

I plan to attend my first rated show next season and I’m in search for the best Rated show in area 6 that would provide a good “first show” experience for me and my horse. I’m in Northern California in Butte Valley, so the closer the better. Thanks! (I will be riding BN, but N after like 2 shows)

What level will you run?
Your choices are limited if you’re running Intro vs starting at BN or Novice. Fresno’s January Combined Test could be a good first go for you at the lower levels. Twin will run Intro and BN in March. If you wait until May, Woodland could be a nice choice. I personally would do Fresno (and did for my first event 17 years ago!)
Nothing really near you but Camelot and they don’t have dates on the current calendar for a recognized event.

Good luck!