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Best Sheet (flysheet or otherwise) to keep a horse cool

I have a TB gelding in Sacramento. Just moved him from a pasture in the Foothills to a paddock with a shelter in the Valley. It’s HOT here…sometimes over 100 in the afternoons. What’s the best sheet/flysheet to keep a horse cool? He has a shelter and some shade, but the 4pm-6pm hour he sweats. I’ll pay handsomely for a sheet that keeps him cool.

I trust COTH Forum readers, you have not led me astray yet! Much appreciate your recommendations.

Many thanks,
Mulligan, the TB on his second career as a hunter (taking a “Mulligan” on the first career as a racehorse. :slight_smile:

Hmmm – I recall a thread on this subject some time ago, and believe the consensus was that sheets did not necessarily keep horses cooler. I remember there was a line of products called Cool Medic, which were soaked in water before placing on the horse, but the benefit of that soaking was a couple of hours, so the sheet needed to be recharged throughout the day.


Thanks twelvegates! Interesting, some of the posters in that other thread also live in N. CA.

I bought this for my filly who gets welts from fly bites not understanding that the thing across the top was actually fabric. Not sure how I feel about that. It seems like it would make them hotter than the mesh being throughout the whole thing. The neck was about a foot too long but at this price I don’t mind taking it off and throwing it away. What do you think about the fabric?


Laurierace, I was just looking at that one. I think it’s great for fly protection and yes, I do think the fabric would be hotter. Flies aren’t bad where I am, what do you think of this one?

Are you planning on leaving the sheet on, or removing after a few hours? I have a horse outside 24/7 and the biting flies are bad. I can’t put a sheet like the Saratoga on him, as it causes rubs on his shoulders regularly unless I remove it after a few hours. I have the Amigo flysheet that has more of a drape to it (less fitted) so I can leave it on overnight with no rubbing. He wears it a day or two and then I remove it and give him a day without. So far, even in the OK heat he only has minor sweating over the shoulder area which we can deal with in exchange for no rubs.

I have that “Kool-coat” flysheet and bought it as a spare to my Rambo flysheet. I have to say that it is NOT cool and it shifts to the side. The Rambo seems like it would be hotter, but for whatever reason it’s not. It’s that stiffer mesh that I really didn’t like in the beginning but said horsie likes it, so that’s that. It’s ridiculously expensive but has lasted 2 seasons so far, I got it at a greatly reduced price otherwise I never would’ve tried it. So far, so good.

My experience with fly sheets was if it is hot, the horses are even hotter with a fly sheet on. With the humidity here (Virginia, anyway) nothing short of being in under a large fan keeps them cool.

I am a fan of the Kool Coats - mine is on its second season (and horse wears it 24/7 some weeks). I found that keeping the leg straps short eliminated any shifting .

As for keeping a horse “cooler” than naked - I don’t know, depends on your horse’s color and how much they are in the sun I think. They may help a horse with a very dark coat, but I don’t think it makes my mostly white horse “cooler”.

That said - like on the other thread, i found that my horse does not sweat with it on. We got hit with a heat wave yesterday (highs close to 100), and she was still comfortable, and not sweating in her sheet. A number of horses at my barn wear Kool coats.

Like you - we have very low humidity in my area, but we DO have breezes (barn is at the top of a hill, above the bay). Air circulation, plus low humidity really helps.

I love my kensington protective sheets! You can hose them down while they are wearing it and it will help keep them cool. My mare is black and lives 24/7 in a pasture with no shade or shelter, she loves her sheet. Today it is 90F and humid and she is not sweating. I do find her sweating every once and awhile, but the other horses are too.

best money you will spend on any horse outfit.

The Saratoga sheet is a great fly sheet. The flies are bad in my area and that is what my guy goes out in for evening/night time turnout. It doesn’t have a neck, tail or belly flap though. However, it is the lightest/coolest fly sheet I have ever owned. The sheet does not really provide shade/cooling effect though. It just isn’t as hot as other fly sheets. So if you aren’t worried about fly protection it doesn’t really have any other benefits besides keeping your horse slightly cleaner.