Best short girths (Dressage + Jump)

Hi all! I’m shopping for my new full lease (!!!), and I’m looking for some short girth options that won’t break the bank and will last. Preferably under $100 since he’s a lease, but I could be persuaded if the girth just rocks. I saw a used Prolite on FB Marketplace, and I’m noodling. Has anyone used one before? The seller seems pleased with it; she just said it’s as hard as a rock in the winter. (My tack room isn’t climate controlled.) Also just found a couple of used County Logics.

Thanks in advance!

I have a county logic girth that I like a lot. I don’t live in an especially cold climate, though. I really like that it has a dee ring. Can’t speak to the prolite, but I’ve heard great things about their design though.
I’m curious to try the Total Saddle Fit with the elastic center.

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I love County Logic girths, it’s all I use. I boarded for a few years at a place where the tack room wasn’t heated and I don’t remember anything strange about the girth being rock hard or anything. I rode all the time in the cold (Indiana).

I picked up a used county logic girth and I LOVE it. My horse moves so much better in it. I’m sad because she’s starting to outgrow it so I might need to suck it up and buy a new one but it’s definitely worth it and I’m not someone who typically cares enough or notices a difference with higher end tack.

I had a Total Saddle Fit dressage girth which worked well for my drama llama. I ordered a TSF StretchTec within 24 hours of finding out about it and drama llama likes it even better than the original TSF. He has the neoprene liner.

I have since gotten a leather lined StretchTec for my other horse as well.

I have the Lemieux gel tek anatomic short girth and I can not say enough good things about it. I looked long and hard for a nice girth that isn’t crazy $$ and it is really really nice. Nicer than many of the $400 girths out there.

I have a neoprene anatomic Professionals Choice that I wasn’t sold on when I got it but my guy likes it. FYI, I have a long horse and a round horse and the TSF didn’t fit either of them. It created a pressure point right behind the elbow. One was tolerant of it, one was noticeably stiffer.

I’ve had County Logic, TSF (leather, without the middle elastic) and a Devoucoux all elastic, but prefer my current Toklat woolback fuzzy girths. Hated the all elastic because it was either too tight or too loose; hated the CL and TSF because the leather wasn’t nice and for that price it should be.

My Ponysaurus LOVES his TSF StretchTec girth. I have the neoprene version and it has worn well since May (looks new). It was $180.

When I purchased in May they had a 90 day return policy. They expected it to be returned used and abused (if at all). I thought they had the same promo going in December, but I do not see it now. Just their usual 30 day, use it, try it, return it if needed.

ETA: it’s over your budget. But I think the trial policy is worth seeing if your horse likes it.

Could you please tell me where you bought it?

I looooooooooove my Prolite. I’ve owned both the jump and Dressage TSF girths in both the StretchTec and regular versions, but I’m firmly on Prolite now. The design is great, you can’t tell it’s not leather unless you’re up close, and I love just being able to hose it off after my rides.

One from Lemieux directly but I think they are out of stock, and I bought one from Cork Farm Equestrian…amazing company to deal with.

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I use a total saddle fit stretch tech girth with the fleece liner. I really like it on my guy. They are a bit north of $100 new, but you can find used ones for sale below $100.

Has anyone used both the Total Saddle Fit Stretch Tec girth and the Lemieux Gel-Tek girth? Was there anything specific that made you prefer one over the other?

I have both and use them dependent on the horse. One of my mares has a very deep barrel, and the TSF girth doesn’t lay in the right place on her, so she wears the lemieux. I also don’t feel super great about jumping in the TSF one, so I use the Lemieux to jump.

My other mare who has a big wide barrel as opposed to deep, the TSF girth fits her best. They aren’t for every horse but for horses they are right for you really can’t get much better I find!

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Honestly, most of our horses prefer the Smartpak Breathable Dressage Girth for $30, or the Thorowgood which is almost identical.

I’ve bought quite a few fancy, expensive options, and most horses don’t care. A few definitely do! My little PRE with a super forward girth groove went noticeably looser in the shoulder in the Fairfax. I also had one pick the super wide pad of the Addjusta Annatomica.

Thank you @Jealoushe! That’s really helpful (and sorry OP for hijacking!)

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No expert here, but my picky a$$ OTTB loves his Lettia Fleece Cool Max short girth. Worth a shot, and priced right.