Best site to buy used XC mono flap saddles

I am looking for a nice used monoflap saddle. Any suggestions on where to start. I have tried, ebay and Any others out there???

I got my daughter one at

I just google and always get tons, often on websites it would never occur to me to look at. Also, and (although their search function is pathetic).

I’ve bought two on eBay but you should also look at some of the tack store consignment stores – Trumbull Mountain, Rick’s Heritage Saddlery, Middleburgh Tack Exchange, Pelham.

Patience is the key. I bought a killer Kieffer monoflap over the winter for short $$. It had never been on a horse. Fits my horse like a glove thank goodness.

Try Maryland Tack Exchange. They have a few monoflaps on the website right now. I bought a saddle from them a few months ago (and ended up selling them my old saddle as well) and had no issues with either transaction. :slight_smile:

Privately, through word of mouth. What size are you looking for?