Best sites to sell WBs / other ideas to market?

I have been training a lovely young Hanoverian mare for a wonderful lady. I started this mare last summer, and she is doing very well this year in her 4th year.

I have her listed on VA Equestrian, MatchnRide, Warmblood-Sales, Equine, Dreamhorse, and HorseQuest. I have also shared her on some of my local pages on Facebook. What other suggestions do you all have? Any in particular that you’ve had the most luck with? (Great Dressage prospect, but could Event too, as she is brave and confident to the fences)

I don’t really sell horses much, and I am afraid I just don’t know the right clientele for this horse’s caliber. She is super lovely, and endearing to boot, I just cannot believe I have not had more interest in her. Any suggestions are welcome!

I would definitely check out There are many horses listed on the site from dressage prospects to schoolmasters to professional dressage horses. The site is very reasonable and sends out a newsletter a few times a month with all the new listings. Good luck!

Thanks, EventingMare!!